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eBay Nigeria Scam Exposed

It’s easy to focus on the $6 billion money train that is the eBay “digital marketplace” (or auction site in everyday language – “Internet Marketers, Are you on the eBay Money Train Yet?” But if you’re not careful, you could fall prey to scam artists.

With a worldwide audience, that set of Pez dispensers could evoke a fierce bidding war between collectors in Belgium and Thailand, and the tussle could boost your sale price quite substantially. But again, beware the sharks out there.

Last week, I put up a cell phone for auction on eBay and within 4 hours, (more…)

Cheap Outsourcing Can Ruin Your Online Marketing Business

I had a frightful lesson in outsourcing today: You’ll need to keep tabs on the efforts of the people you’re outsourcing work to, otherwise it could be to the detriment of your business.

You may already know that in addition to this blog, I own a network of content sites.

internet marketing cookbook

In particular, Internet Marketing Cookbook has been one of my pet projects.

But in the past couple of months, with the activity surrounding Affiliate Summit West and a couple of new projects I was working on, I didn’t have time to manage all my sites.

So it seemed like a good idea to (more…)

Catch the million dollar eBay wave!

eBay has been a mixed bag for me.

I’ve used it to incrementally grow my list, though I haven’t mastered the art of selling high value items on Ebay yet.

I know other Internet Marketers who sell items at bargain basement prices on eBay.

Some have even written off eBay as a marketplace for cheap buys, and unsuitable to build substantial income.

Wall Street

Even then I would like the opportunity to meet eBayers like Brandon Dupsky.

But back to Brandon later.

Leading Asian blogger Gobala Krishnan just highlighted that there’ll be a number of upcoming eBay seminars in November.

Check out: Ebay Seminar In Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines

Despite my lack of success with online auctions now, I’m optimistic about auction prospects.