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The Mindware Recode anti-product launch

Note: This is a long-ish read, which may take 10 minutes to go through (but it’s worth it).

There is a saying by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar that goes “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

For most of my 20-year career (most of it spent online, thought the same principles of relationship building and business building apply as much to virtual business as much as brick-and-mortar ones), I’ve focused on a couple of values:

  • Say what you do when you teach, but more importantly do what you say.
  • Understand the expectations of your students/customers, then go beyond it.
  • Always aim to be better.

A mentor, who owned (more…)

Are Infoproduct Marketers Selling Their Souls In Major Affiliate Promotions?

If you’ve been watching the info product space, you’ll know that John Reese is launching a new version of his Traffic Secrets course on Jul 15th.

So every info product “guru” has been mailing their list for the last couple of weeks, trying to warm them up and maximize sales conversions on launch day.


In common with other high profile info product launches, this typically results in a bonus offering frenzy, where short-sighted list owners will offer the farm (including the kitchen sink and their next born) in exchange for a product purchase through their affiliate link.

Just for the record, I’m referring to the affiliate promotions, not the core product.

It can get a little ridiculous when someone is offering you $1,000 or $10,000 or even $25,000 worth of “bonuses” for purchasing a $397 or $997 product.

Granted many of these bonus products may be virtual or digital in nature with zero stocking and zero duplication costs, but I think doing a hype-y promotion of this nature takes its toll – and it will extract a higher price than the 50% or 75% commission you might earn – it will affect your reputation.

If nothing else, this is pretty incestuous and unhealthy.


If you’re in the internet marketing or business opportunity niche for the long term, your reputation will (more…)

The Price of Internet Marketing Success…

It’s do-or-die time for one of my projects that I’ve been working on for a couple of months. How do I decide if a product is ready for launch?

If you’ve developed your own product or service, you’ll realize that the development process can go on forever, as you’re adding enhancements, updates, tweaks to it.

But if you take a page out of the Microsoft book, you should launch a product when you feel it’s ready and launch the service packs later.

Listening to the audio version of Donald Trump’s “How To Get Rich” helped echoed the lessons I’ve learned over the years, you can’t expect to please all your critics, not everyone is going to become a rabid fan. Just go for the ones that matter.

project planning

There’re a number of factors why budding marketers don’t see success from their projects, and in extreme cases never get round to launching their products or services.

Here’re a couple of principles to get things done:

  • Have a goal

You may not know what exactly you want when you start out, but you need a general direction. As you continue in your efforts, you (more…)