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Leaving Las Vegas…And PPC Classroom Live!

It’s been more than a week since I left Las Vegas after attending Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom Live.

So the question is “Was it worth a 20+ hour plane ride each way?”

Certainly a resounding YES!

I got to meet a bunch of great people and the stellar cast of speakers presented great content. Now it’s a matter of hunkering down and putting some of those ideas into practise.

The turnout was very respectable with the room filled to the gills…

ppc classroom live

It was great to hear how Anik took one of his info product sites, added CPA offers to it and have it generated $42,000+ to date this year.

anik singal and andrew wee

Andrew Wee and Anik Singal

Just as you’re seeing a convergence of search marketing and PPC marketing, I believe the worlds of info marketing and lead generation/affiliate marketing are going to draw closer in the coming year.

andrew wee kirt christensen greg cesar

Andrew Wee, Kirt Christensen, Greg Cesar

I look to Kirt Christensen as one of the pioneers in Internet Marketing, together with his partner, Terry Dean.

It was certainly illuminating to hear about his strategies for positioning yourself as a PPC management agency and it was pretty impressive hearing about some of the biggest Internet marketers he manages PPC campaigns for.

Greg Cesar is someone who’s in my mastermind and this was the first opportunity I got to meet him. It was refreshing to hear about some of his unconventional approaches to affiliate marketing, and he talked about how he uses one media channel (still untapped by almost all internet marketers) to go gang busters, especially on affiliate offers.

If anything, I am finding that the networking opportunity far outweighs the learning from the content sessions. I met Andre Chaperon who was top affiliate for the PPC Classroom promotion, Ryan Kaltman (AKA “Magic Ryan”, the Rich Jerk’s business partner). Ryan’s like a ball of energy and having him show gross YouTube videos during a posh dinner certainly breaks the monotony of it all. (plus some unmentionables which I’ll not go into here…)

After working on a number of projects, I finally got to meet up with my business partner, PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta.

greg cesar amit mehta andrew wee

Greg Cesar, Amit Mehta, Andrew Wee

If you have caught Amit’s Affiliate Summit East presentation, then you know that Amit delivers 110% on his content.

His keynote speech and presentation at PPC Classroom Live were no exception…

One thing that newer internet marketers fail to grasp is the mindset element, and there’s an overemphasis on the tactical elements (eg. landing pages, keyword lists, quality score). If you take a step back, you’d realize that the business systems and mindset are what makes you the mega bucks…

simon leung andrew wee

Simon Leung, Andrew Wee

Simon Leung’s changed his look from his avatar, so here’s how he looks now.

I was pretty jet lagged, so I had to crash during his talk.

ros gardner andrew wee

Andrew Wee, Ros Gardner

It was my first time meeting Ros Gardner too. We had just missed each other at Affiliate Summit West earlier this year.

She did an interesting presentation, comparing her $1+ million earnings against Jeremy Palmer’s $1+ million earnings and doing an analysis on how their methods differ.

If anything, her disclosure that blogs are the main platform that she uses, ties in with what I’ve been hearing from other super affiliates recently.

david bullock andrew wee

David Bullock, Andrew Wee

Dave Bullock’s talk on Taguchi testing certainly raised my awareness on the specific details about Taguchi testing. It’s not something I’d do right now (split testing seems sufficient for now), but perhaps in the future.

Super Affiliate Accelerator insiders breakfastSuper Affiliate Accelerator Insider’s Breakfast

On Sunday, Amit and I hosted an Insider’s Breakfast for our Super Affiliate Accelerator breakfast.

It was great meeting up with the Super Affiliate Accelerator members and share some techniques to bring their business and their campaigns to the next level.

mark roth rakeesh affiliate radar

Affiliate Radar Rakeesh, Andrew Wee, Mark Roth

I’d spoken to Affiliate Radar creator Mark Roth a number of times and was involved in the launch of Affiliate Radar, so it was great to meet up with Mark and Rakeesh.

I also met Jay Stockwell who developed SpeedPPC.

And if you need proof of the Affiliate Classroom team’s dedication…

rachel honoway

Rachel Honoway, Andrew Wee

Affiliate Classroom VP of Marketing Rachel Honoway lost her voice during the event.

After some googling, I discovered that “Vegas Throat” is common, and is mainly due to the dry desert air.

I’ve made a mental note to bring some “Pi Pa Gao” a Chinese herbal throat/cough mixture, so I’ll be fully prepared to speak at Affiliate Summit West in February.

Did you know that some entertainers (specifically singers) will not perform in Vegas due to possible damage to their vocal chords due to Vegas Throat?


After the event, we headed to the Voodoo Lounge on the 51st floor of the Rio, and here’s a shot of the skyline:

las vegas skyline

It was good to chill after the event:

evelyn grazini ros gardner rachel honoway

Evelyn Grazini, Ros Gardner, Rachel Honoway

And here’s a pic of Anik and Ros getting jiggly with it…

anik singal ros gardner

So the next time I’ll be in Vegas will be in February for Shawn Collins and Missy Ward’s Affiliate Summit West where I’ll be on the Media Panel, moderated by Revenue Editor-in-chief Lisa Picarille, together with Anik Singal and Valerie Stevens (Insight Magazine Online)

7 comments on Leaving Las Vegas…And PPC Classroom Live!

  1. Ros Gardner
    December 13, 2007 at 7:47 am (4671 days ago)

    Hey Andrew,

    Great to have met you at last and what an excellent synopsis of Anik and Jeremy’s PPC Classroom event.

    But OMG, did you have to post that pic? LOL!


  2. Andrew Wee
    December 14, 2007 at 10:54 am (4670 days ago)

    That was one of the best in the lot, Ros!

    Internet marketers can party with the best of them!

  3. Ruck
    December 15, 2007 at 1:46 am (4669 days ago)


    Looks crazy crowded in there man, I’m kind of a hermit, I don’t know how well I would handle all that commotion. Looks like you had a blast though. I’m gonna have to get out to a few of this after my child is born and pick your brain man!

  4. Jeff
    December 19, 2013 at 3:53 am (2473 days ago)

    You like pointing at people :-)

    Good stuff!


  5. Anik singal
    December 19, 2013 at 5:26 am (2473 days ago)

    Good times indeed! :-)

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