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Friday Podcast: A Strategy For Business Success With Amit Mehta

amit mehtaI invited top affiliate Amit Mehta on to talk about some of the experiences of affiliate marketers whom he’s coached, addressing the question why many of them aren’t more successful than they already are.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • What’s the difference between marketing success and failure and what’re the reasons behind this
  • What’s the major stumbling blocks that marketers constantly face and how do they break through them
  • If you’re an employee, how soon should you quit your job to go into affiliate marketing full time?
  • Techniques to increase your chances of business success
  • Why Amit has created a new Profit Swami blog, when he has a Super Affiliate Mindset blog
  • Upcoming developments at PPC Classroom

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Affiliate Marketing Strategies With Amit Mehta And Anik Singal

amit mehtaI had the opportunity to invite Amit Mehta and Anik Singal on the Friday Podcast to discuss challenges facing affiliate marketers these days, together with the impending launch of the PPC Classroom 2.0 program.

Amit’s is gaining a reputation as the $2.4m super affiliate and a regular speaker at events like Affiliate Summit and PPC Classroom.

Anik is founder of Affiliate Classroom and AC Certified, and recently ranked #2 in Business Week’s “Top 25 under 25″ article.

anik singalDuring our podcast, we discussed:

  • How Amit’s affiliate campaigns differ from other marketers
  • How to build your income to 4 figures a day
  • Steps you can take today to put together successful campaigns
  • The importance and how you can incorporate long-tail keywords in your affiliate campaigns
  • Whether there’s a conflict of interest between a merchant’s in-house SEO/SEM efforts and the efforts of affiliates
  • Amit’s “Hybrid Model” that he’s currently testing and will be teaching in PPC Classroom 2.0
  • Details of PPC Classroom 2.0.

Tune in to the Friday Podcast:


Leaving Las Vegas…And PPC Classroom Live!

It’s been more than a week since I left Las Vegas after attending Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom Live.

So the question is “Was it worth a 20+ hour plane ride each way?”

Certainly a resounding YES!

I got to meet a bunch of great people and the stellar cast of speakers presented great content. Now it’s a matter of hunkering down and putting some of those ideas into practise.

The turnout was very respectable with the room filled to the gills…

ppc classroom live

It was great to hear how Anik took one of his info product sites, added CPA offers to it and have it generated $42,000+ to date this year.

anik singal and andrew wee

Andrew Wee and Anik Singal

Just as you’re seeing a convergence of search marketing and PPC marketing, I believe the worlds of info marketing and lead generation/affiliate marketing are going to draw closer in the coming year.

andrew wee kirt christensen greg cesar

Andrew Wee, Kirt Christensen, Greg Cesar

I look to Kirt Christensen as one of the pioneers in Internet Marketing, together with his partner, Terry Dean.

It was certainly illuminating to hear about his strategies for positioning yourself as a PPC management agency and it was pretty impressive hearing about some of the biggest Internet marketers he manages PPC campaigns for.

Greg Cesar is someone who’s in my mastermind and this was (more…)

Meet Me In Las Vegas For Some Affiliate Magic

The tickets are booked, the bags aren’t packed, but one things for sure, I’m headed to Las Vegas at the end of this month for Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom Live!

las vegas

Yes it’s going to be a 24+ hour flight, and it’s during the peak season where it was absolute murder to get my ticket.

But well worth it…

PPC Classroom Live is the live workshop component to Anik and Jeremy’s PPC Classroom product.

Here’s a taste of the Super Affiliate lineup:

ppc classroom live

(Left-to-right) Mark Widawer, Ros Gardner, Greg Cesar, Anik Singal, Amit Mehta, Jeremy Palmer, Kirt Christensen, David Bullock

Certainly worth flying all the way there for a couple of days (the event is on December 1-2 in Vegas).

For some affiliates who’re new to the industry and trying their luck, affiliate marketing can be a gamble…vegas

Especially if you don’t have (more…)

Monday Question: Is Web Advertising The Easiest Path To Internet Income?

This week’s Monday Question comes from Simon:

I see several options to run web advertising on my websites, and it looks very easy compared to affiliate marketing. Wouldn’t it be easier to make money this way?


That’s a good question.

Your internet income is determined by your effort.

The level of engagement (the time and effort you put into your marketing efforts) generally determines the type of return you get.

Here’s a listing of different monetization techniques with payouts listed from lower returns to higher returns:

Web advertising -> CPA (cost per action) marketing -> pay per sale (or what’s traditionally known as affiliate marketing) -> product creation

Web advertising refers to programs like the Google AdSense publisher program, Yahoo Search Marketing ads, WidgetBucks or programs like Chitika and Kontera.

I’ve found that web advertising generally (more…)

Monday Question: Insuring Your Internet Marketing Investment

What’s the Best Internet Marketing Investment which guarantees you’ll make money, reader Charles asks in this edition of the Monday Question.

Check out a PPC Classroom review here.

Monday Question: Internet Marketing Investment

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