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Friday Podcast: Facebook Application Development With Leonard Lin

leonard linLeonard Lin is one of 3 co-founders of Tyler Projects, a Singapore-based software developer which focuses on social networking applications.

Their Battlestations application on the Facebook platform (and recently Friendster social network) is one of the most engaging and popular applications, incorporating flash animation and immersive gameplay. Besides featuring multiplayer features including player-versus-player gameplay, it also includes clan warfare and boasts an active Facebook forum.


I invited Leonard on the Friday Podcast and we discussed:

  • How to develop a winning concept for your Facebook application
  • Development strategies, especially going down the FBML (Facebook markup language) route versus developing in an iFrame environment
  • Monetization options for Facebook developers
  • Developing an active in-game economy, offering premium in-game items and growth strategies

Check out the Friday Podcast below:

You can also check out: Battlestations

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