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2007 Trends with Pepperjam Head Honcho Kris Jones

On the sidelines of Affiliate Summit West, I had an opportunity to talk with pepperjamSEARCH President and CEO Kris Jones.

What’s his prediction of this year’s search trend?

“With Google’s quality scores coming into play, small and medium businesses with PPC budgets of less than $2 million, will see their prices increase, while conversions decrease”

Landing pages being one of the key determinants of quality scores.

Smaller search engines will provide lower quality opportunities, and result in a number of search arbitragers leaving the market. But the success ones will see an increase in their earnings.

kris jones andrew wee

pepperjamSEARCH’s Kris Jones and Andrew Wee

We also talked about the evolution of (more…)

Super Affiliate Jon F (WickedFire) Quits the Affiliate Marketing Fray

If you’re keen on affiliate marketing, chances are you would’ve checked out Jon’s affiliate marketing blog and his notably famous (or infamous) WickedFire forum, the equivalent of the raucous Mos Eisley cantina (of Star Wars fame) filled with arbitrage affiliate marketing old hands and young guns.

Jon got the attention of the community when he posted $80k+ screenshots of his earnings at the SitePoint forums.

So it was a little of a shock to see him announce: The End Of An Era – Jon Resigns From Affiliate Marketing As An Affiliate.

But then again, it wasn’t all that surprising, considering most Super Affiliates like Ewen Chia, Ros Gardner and co. eventually shift to (more…)

Make A Bajillion Dollars on the AlexaDex

Some fun facts about the AlexaDex:

  • You can make huge money, if you’re skillful, especially if you’ve traded in equities, mutual funds and the like.
  • Luck plays a huge part too.
  • It can be quite fun
  • If you think this is a complete waste of time, just remember that it started out at PlanetAndrea.

One last minor note: It’s all fake money. But who knows, just like the “Game gold” phenomenon on the MMPOGs out there, you might start seeing eBay auctions if this thing takes off.

As everyone knows, Internet Marketers (whether you’re focused on SEO, SEM, blogging, arbitrage affiliate marketing, product creation, domain trading, or one of the things some of you have emailed me about and asked not to mention) tend to spend on average 16 hours a day in front of the computer. (Unless you’re Cameron Olthius and only spending 14 hours a day in front of the computer: Personal Resolutions for 2007)

So to break the monotony of Internet Marketers engaging in another game of (more…)