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Apple’s Safari Browser For Windows – An Internet Marketer’s Review

Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs threw down the gauntlet at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, announcing the launch of Apple’s Safari browser for Windows. The upcoming Apple vs Microsoft battle promises to be more exciting than Microsoft vs Netscape a couple of years ago. But what does it mean for Internet Marketers?

apple safari browser

For starters, the Apple browser is pleasantly looking.

In my book, Microsoft Internet Explorer is probably the ugliest browser. Mozilla FireFox is pleasant to work with, although Flock the Social Browser (loaded with Web2.0 functions) remains my favorite (and I’m composing this entry within a Flock window now).

Safari shows promise.

Among it’s features:

  • Tabbed browsing: (If you don’t have 30 open windows, you’re not a hardcore Internet Marketer…yet)
  • Built-in RSS Support: To monitor late breaking developments and changing content on blogs and social sites
  • Pop-up blocking (maybe not such a good idea, since you might want to view popups)
  • Enhanced search features

Safari is positioned to be the Apple’s “killer app” with supposed close integration between it’s upcoming pda/phone iPhone, iTunes and Safari in the works. But does Safari really work for Internet Marketers?

Worryingly, Safari has “Private Browsing” which blocks all cookies from being lodged. This means analytics tracking might not be as effective.

Even worse, for affiliate marketers, (more…)

Limited Edition Viral Super Affiliate System Launched

An unfortunate incident for one of my affiliate marketing clients recently opened up the opportunity to convert the intellectual property developed for that project into an indispensable tool for affiliate marketers looking to add viral elements to their affiliate marketing campaigns.

The Viral Super Affiliate System is intended to provide a viral turnkey solution for new and experienced affiliate marketers.

viral super affiliate system

My development team and I have taken care to ensure that we included a comprehensive series of psychographic tools and techniques in this product.

As far as we’re aware, none of the major affiliate marketing instructional tools includes these components.

To avoid (more…)

Product Owners Hijacking Affiliate Commissions?

Take heed affiliate marketers! I’ve noticed that a few high profile product owners have implemented some practices which could potentially be detrimental to your affiliate marketing efforts.

I’d typically recommend looking for high converting affiliate programs for newer Internet Marketers.

After all, while you’re getting your feet wet, you might like to focus on traffic generation and your marketing efforts (the conversion has a lot to deal with the product owners sales/landing page) and rather than get into the thick of product development immediately, you can sell someone’s product first (ie. affiliate marketing).

So if a product owner has switched their sales pages to an opt-in page, it could have major implications for your marketing efforts.

An opt-in page is designed to help build the product owner’s list.

Ostensibly an opt-in page consists of:

  • A catchy headline
  • 5-7 bullets
  • A form for you to fill in your name and email address

Seems simple.

Here’s an example of an opt-in page, Rick Raddatz’s Wednesday Minute (it’s got a funny video on it).

rick raddatz wednesday minute

A sales page looks like what you’d see at the Secret Blog Weapon sales page. It’s much longer and pushes for the sale (which is what will continue to keep you in Internet Marketing) (more…)