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Get The Inside Scoop at Affiliate Summit East 2009

The next best thing to attending a tradeshow, conference, or seminar is reading blog accounts and writeups about the event, especially if it’s specific to your industry. In this case, I’m refering to Affiliate Summit East, currently taking place in New York City.

Here’s my recommendation for one blog, if you want to read great liveblogging – Lisa Barone’s over at the Outspoken Media blog, covering the ASE sessions she’s attending.

You can catch her sessions here: Lisa Barone ASE09 liveblogging. (she tags her posts correctly, so you can bookmark that page for up-to-date coverate).

What makes a great live blogging session is a combination of factual reporting of the speaker/speakers presentation, plus the blogger’s subjective/objective interpretation of whether their words makes sense. A healthy sense of humor and snark doesn’t hurt either.

The SEO folks seem to live blog their seminars most closely, and affiliate summit coverage hasn’t (more…)

eBay Joins The Blackhole SEO Game? Fail!

Following up on my “Blackhole SEO and Your Internet Business” post last week about high authority sites sucking up SEO linkjuice and pointing out using nofollow links, or worse yet, internal site pages or resource pages, I was conducting some research for a project when I came across an eBay partner (affiliate) network blog post.

ebay blog

Obviously, an auction site (or “digital marketplace” if you prefer that term, publishing blog posts about content publishers generating affiliate income is going to draw some interest.

eBay, from my experience, has taken a fairly non-supporting position towards affiliate marketers on it’s network, so seeing them point to (more…)

Friday Podcast: Email Marketing Tips With The Aweber Autoresponder

For most marketers out there, autoresponder services like Aweber are a blackbox…most people will have a vague notion that email autoresponders are accessed via your web browser, you get some HTML code and place an opt-in form on your website or blog, people submit their name and email address, it appears in the autoresponder database, and you send them email, and sales comes flooding in…simple right?

Oh and they help negotiate with ISPs to ensure your email is delivered, and rotate IPs on their email servers, so it doesn’t get tagged as a “bad” IP.

Actually there’s much more than that, and Aweber’s education marketing manager Justin Premick gave an insiders view of the inner workings of Aweber.

More importantly, we discussed:

  • The relationship marketing principles involved in maintaining a successful email marketing list
  • Companies which are already successfully using email in their marketing efforts
  • Resources to help you bring your email campaigns to the next level
  • Tips for affiliate marketers incorporating email into their existing PPC and SEO campaigns
  • And we also unearthed a tip which could help you massively increase your results from promoting CPA affiliate offers…

It all happens here at the Friday Podcast.

Check out the audio interview below:


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