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Andrew Wee and MsDanielle.com Launch The Internet Marketing Cookbook

One of the major ways I’ve been able to help marketers get their business up and running has been through posting on this blog, publishing the Friday Podcast and participating in various internet marketing and affiliate forums.

The one limitation I faced, similar to everyone else, is having enough time to work on my business and being able to answer questions that blocks a new marketer getting started.

MsDanielleIt was at the Affiliate Summit earlier this year that I sat down with Danielle Nagami (AKA MsDanielle) to see if we could help create a resource site for newer internet marketers.

Enter the Internet Marketing Cookbook – a resource site/monthly newsletter that aims to give you access to tips and techniques to help you grow your online business.

The site will feature monthly updated content which build on MsDanielle’s strength’s in pay-per-click traffic, search engine optimization and other forms of traffic generation. While I’ll be focused on social media, product development and affiliate marketing.

If you’re a newer internet marketer, be sure to check out the:

–> Internet Marketing Cookbook

Friday Podcast: Optimizing Your Web Business For Success

msdanielleDanielle Nagami is a California-based internet marketing consultant and blogs at MsDanielle.com covering SEO, PPC and provides marketing campaign optimization services for clients, primarily large brick-and-mortar businesses.

Having worked with large campaigns, I had a chance to ask her about setting up and launching new websites, especially for internet marketers with smaller operations.

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • How Danielle got involved in internet marketing
  • The elements to create a long term and sustainable web business
  • How to organize your site structure for user accessibility and search engine crawlability
  • Conducting competitive research and using that data in your campaign
  • How to optimize your site, including specific techniques
  • A case study of a successful website which is tweaked regularly
  • How to incorporate specific techniques to increase repeat visitors and customer retention

Check out the podcast below: