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Dealing With Web 2.0′s Demographic Battlelines and Social Media Fatigue

According to a recent research report, social media users appear to have segmented themselves primarily along demographic criteria. Additionally, as social media channels grow in sophistication, it appears that the sheer amount of information flowing through these channels may be exerting a hefty time and psychological cost on users.

In a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project report, internet users in the 18-53 year old age bracket (as at 2009) represent a higher proportion of internet users, compared to their numerical percentage in the general population.

“Older boomers” aged 54-63, make up 13% of the general population and are on par, constituing 13% of internet users.

The “Silent generation” aged 64-72, who make up 9% of the general population, amount to 7% of internet users.

The “GI generation” aged 73 and older and are 9% of the population, only represent 4% of internet users.

twitter users

Likewise, when it comes to media consumption, Twitter users (more…)

Grabbing A Slice of the Facebook 140 Million User Pie

Independent blog InsiderFacebook has recently mentioned that Facebook users have topped 140 million, up from an earlier 130 million at the start of the month.

facebook 140 million

With an estimated 700,000 new users joining the social network each day in recent weeks, it appears that Facebook has achieved critical mass.

Raw numbers don’t tell the entire picture though.

Anecdotal evidence from affiliates suggests that the FB Ad review team are working doubly hard to slap down new ad campaigns in response to user complaints. In particular a common refrain is that new campaigns which are similar to existing campaigns are being rejected.

This is happening while older ads which seem to violate (more…)

Is MySpace’s MyAds Destined To Reap My Success?

WebProNews has mentioned that MySpace has launched it’s MyAds ad serving platform, which is old news if you’ve read Chad Frederiksen’s AKA CDF Networks’ first impressions of the MyAds platform last month.

myspace myads

I’ve spoken to a number of affiliates who say they turn off social networks like MySpace during their content network targeted campaigns because the conversions can be very poor.

With MySpace setting a $0.25 cost per click, you’re going to have to look at an offer payout of at least $2.50 (if not, a higher payout) to make it worth your while.

What might work on a social network might be a lead generation zip or email submit offer and if MySpace’s demographic targeting works as promised, it could be a goldmine for smart affiliates.

You can check out MySpace MyAds.

The New Facebook – Hot Or Not?

Facebook has recently revamped the layout of its user profiles, introducing a ‘tabbed’ interface to navigate through your own or your friends profiles:


The advantage of a tabbed interface is that you’ll gain more screen real estate and your content (more…)

Security Alert: Account Phishers Target Facebook

Till now, the Facebook social network has been an overall pleasant user experience for most users, especially if they’ve come over from the social spamming barrage common on MySpace.

Aside from being hit with 100 friend add requests from strangers and another 500 application invites, Facebook is a manageable social platform, especially since their moderation filters block out users who sent out a large volume of private messages and the number of friend add requests are capped each day. (Although it’s common to see innocents get caught in the crossfire).

So it was a pretty rare occurrence to see this on a friend’s wall (the defacto “bulletin board” for facebook users to send and receive public messages).


Given that most accounts have to go through some level of verification and you have to manually add friends (who then can post messages on your wall), I was curious to see what the message was about.

So heading over to the blogspot page, (more…)

Is Facebook The New Phantom Menace?

There was some buzz last week as the managing partner of Facebook application developer Tyler Projects, Leonard Lin, had his Facebook account suspended.

In a post on Facebook, Leonard reproduced the suspension notice:

Hi Leonard,

As you may know, one of your posts in a Facebook group was removed because it was considered to be an advertisement or spam (specifically, an advertisement for an external application). Content that promotes a product, service, or group is always removed from the site. Your account was suspended for these reasons.

However, after a review of your situation, we have decided to allow you a second chance on the site and have since reactivated your account. In order to prevent this from happening in the future, please refrain from posting any such material and remove all outstanding content that violates our Terms of Use. For more information on conduct prohibited by Facebook, please read our Terms of Use, which can be accessed through the “terms” link at the bottom of any Facebook page.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

This doubtless caused on uproar on Tyler’s facebook application BattleStations where Leonard is active in game development and on the discussion boards (as well as being the public face of BattleStations).

His “infraction”?

Posting a link (accompanying a movie review) to a trailer for “Wanted” on a discussion board.

Apparently, Facebook is getting pretty serious with it’s ‘walled garden’ concept – that you should do all your stuff within the Facebook.com domain.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the Facebook “terms of service” that Brett was refering to, click on the “Terms” link at the bottom of each Facebook page.

A number of the terms look pretty nefarious. (more…)