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Friday Podcast: ShareASale Affiliate Network Developments with Jason Rubacky

Jason RubackyAffiliate marketing veteran Jason Rubacky has moved to the ShareASale affiliate network and came on the Friday Podcast to talk about some of the business developments that are in the works at the network.

In his new role as Affiliate Development Manager, Jason will be recruiting established affiliates into the network and helping them integrate affiliate programs from SAS merchants.

Jason also talked about:

  • His intiatives to ramp up the affiliate education elements and a tutorial system he’s working on
  • Enhancements to the SAS merchant’s product datafeeds
  • Availability of new business models, such as Pay-Per-Call
  • Updates on SAS’ Think Tank invite-only workshop
  • FTP download capability for merchant coupons

Check out the podcast below:


Jason’s IM details:
AIM: jasonrubacky
MSN: jasonrubacky[at]hotmail.com
yahoo: JasonRubacky

Friday Podcast: Successful Affiliate Marketing With Billy Kay Knoblach

billykay knoblachB. Knoblach, better known as “BillyKay” is a prominent personality on the affiliate marketing forums like ABestWeb and AffSpot.

As an affiliate marketing veteran, he’s been in the business since 1989 and has learned a lot along the way, mostly through trial and error, to the point of owning his flagship site: The Mail Order Shoppe and several successful niche affiliate sites.

Coupled with a quick wit and ready smile, BillyKay’s one of the friendliest personalities in the industry and a quick business mind to boot (plus some skill at video poker).

So even though we’d bumped into each other at the Affiliate Summit, I’d been looking forward to having a chance with him to discover:

  • How he first got involved in affiliate marketing
  • How he researches and develops unique angles to market his products
  • Incorporating the concept of scarcity and urgency in his affiliate promotions
  • His experience as a merchant and examples of successful affiliates promoting his programs
  • Tips for successful networking and build your affiliate expertise
  • Search engine optimization and keyword strategies
  • And a whole lot more!

Check out the podcast below:


Note: The Engraved Crystal Shoppe and Custom Signs and Plaques have affiliate programs listed in the ShareASale affiliate network.

Friday Podcast: Sports Affiliate Marketing With Jason Rubacky

jason rubackyHave you looked at the lucractive world of affiliate marketing for sport franchises and sport-related marketing? Football Fanatics affiliate manager Jason Rubacky came on the Friday Podcast to talk about the wide range of products available under his company’s banner and tips and techniques to successfully promote these items.

During the Friday Podcast, we touched on:

  • Jason’s experience as an affiliate and affiliate manager
  • How Football Fanatics got started and it’s position as a leader in the sport affiliate marketing field
  • Information on the Football Fanatics affiliate program and it’s listing on Commission Junction, ShareASale and it’s in-house program
  • Upcoming enhancements to it’s partner manager (affiliate) interface
  • In addition to football, you can also promote hockey, surfing, NASCAR and MMA (mixed martial arts) products
  • How to effectively generate traffic for your sports affiliate site
  • Pro teams vs College teams: which drive more traffic, and importantly, have greater profit potential

We covered quite a bit of ground during the interview, check out the podcast below:


Jason Rubacky on twitter

Football Fanatics

Surf Fanatics

Jason’s blog

Affiliate Summit West 2009 In Pics and Words (Part 2)

If you missed it, check out: Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Pics and Words (Part 1).

Here’s more goodness from the Affiliate Summit:

carolyn tang

ShareASale’s Director of Client Services Carolyn Tang AKA Catango is one of the most pleasant and knowledgeable individuals in the industry and it was a pleasure to talk to her at the SaS booth, even though there were lots of people there.

As a tradeshow visitor, I’ve got more than my fair share of t-shirts, notepads, pens, paper weights and stationery to last 2.5 lifetimes. I liked how SaS did a little out of the box thinking to provide a photobooth where affiliates took some crazy pics (I’ll post mine later), and thoughtfully gave out baby T-shirts and bears. For affiliates with families or significant others, they’ll likely be seeing the SaS logo on a teddy bear or baby T for some time to come. (a good thing).

Check out the Friday Podcast interview on Affiliate Program Strategies with Carolyn Tang.

colin mcdougall ros gardner

It was cool hanging out with top affiliates Colin “Google” McDougall and Ros Gardner over dinner at the Nobu Japanese restaurant at the Hard Rock for the private launch of Jim Lillig’s Offeratti network.

Considering that Colin doesn’t take raw food, it’s a testament to the great food at Nobu that Colin was enjoying the sashimi with the rest of us during the meal. It was also interesting to hear Colin tell his stories about his towed trailer that he rolls out for holidays. And if you’re looking for inspiration as you’re working towards your ideal affiliate lifestyle, Ros has bought a lot of nice toys/trinkets to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

dina riccobono

It was great to meet affiliate network Market Leverage‘s marketing manager Dina Riccobono after talking to her over IM and being interviewed for MLTV late last year.

Market Leverage has a proactive outreach and affiliate recruitment program and it’s refreshing to see a network take the intiative in getting to know affiliates. They hosted a dinner at Switch at the Encore hotel, with Market Leverage CEO Mike Jenkins in attendance. It was a great opportunity to talk to affiliate managers Mike Kelly and Jen Fluker to get insight into how affiliate managers operate.

At the dinner, Mike announced the launch of Market Leverage’s greenlinks program, which provides links to video-based affiliate training from the ML website interface.

Here’s an earlier Friday Podcast with Market Leverage CEO Mike Jenkins

jen goode

Jen Goode, better known as JGoode, headed the Affiliate Summit mentors program and did a great job (I believe there were more than 100 mentees in the program). I also had a picture taken with the penguin and nearly kidnapped him. Ah well, maybe next time.

In the meantime, check out the Friday Podcast with Jen talking about Print-On-Demand product strategies

jon fisher

With Jon Fisher AKA AOJon , founder of the WickedFire affiliate marketing forum. I started making these “gang signs” because a number of the “affiliate gangstas” started making them.

miles baker geordie carswell nickycakes

Before the panel discussion on Affiliate Strategies for Traffic Generation and Sales Conversion on the first day of the summit with Miles Baker, Geordie Carswell, Nickycakes.

The session went well with positive (more…)

Affiliate Summit West 2009 In Pics and Words (Part 1)

Shawn Collins and Missy Ward have consistently put on a great Affiliate Summit since I first started going to them in 2006. This year was no different and if you’re an affiliate, consultant or network, the show serves as a great opportunity to network and get a pulse on the trends in the industry.

It was worth the 20 hour plane ride each way, and despite the somewhat hefty tax expense, the benefits far outweighed the time and resources to get there.

This is a first in a series of posts, more to come.


Pre-Affiliate Summit

Getting to the summit is a good idea, especially with some flights being delayed and having a chance to do some chillaxing before the event. I did some shopping at the premium outlets outlet mall and met up that night with Kim Rowley and Jon Levine.

kim rowley

At most conferences and seminars, I usually learn more from talking to other affiliates about their sites and projects, compared to the formal sessions (unless it’s a brand new area/topic for me).

So we went for drinks and it was interesting to hear about how the program that Jon is managing was put together.


Day 1: Sun 11 Jan

I was pleasantly suprised outside the conference rooms by Shawn Collins who danced a welcome jig:

shawn collins

I’d post a video, but the group we were (more…)

Friday Podcast: Affiliate Management with Carolyn Tang

carolyn tangI invited affiliate network ShareASale Director of Client Services, Carolyn Tang, on the Friday Podcast this week to get her thoughts on:

  • How merchants can use affiliate marketing as a sales channel for their products and services
  • How to conduct due diligence when deciding whether to set up and operate their affiliate program or list it on an affiliate network
  • How merchants can enhance their “affiliate relationship management” skills
  • ShareASale’s “best practises” initiatives (possibly for merchants and affiliates – something I’m looking forward to checking out).

Check out: ShareASale

Access the podcast below: