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Friday Podcast: Lessons Learned From Launching An Affiliate Network

jim lilligJim Lillig is a colorful character – in the best possible way imaginable.

Having been involved in brick-and-mortar businesses, operating mature entertainment website MrSkin.com, speaking multiple times at Yanik Silver’s highly rated Underground workshop series, operating seafood retailer Lobster Gram, and finally launching his own affiliate network, Offeratti.

It’s hard to imagine Jim as someone able to sit still. He rarely does, and just like the last time he came on the Friday Podcast in January this year, Jim was chatty and gave a number of great tips to both affiliate marketers as well as lessons from launching his own affiliate network.

Here’re some of the topics we talked about:

  • 6 months on – lessons learned from launching the Offerati affiliate network
  • Combat affiliate fraud – how to work towards “zero fraud” on your affiliate network
  • How international affiliates, especially from Asia and Europe can increase their chances of getting accepted by affiliate networks and CPA networks
  • How Offerati’s MONKS system improves conversion rates for affiliates and how it works
  • Tips for new affiliates launching their first campaigns
  • Why and how you can incorporate predictive keywords and demographic targeting into your campaigns
  • Plans in the pipeline for Offerati

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Success With Brandon Adcock

brandon adcockBrandon Adcock, better known by his online moniker MajorBTA came on the Friday Podcast to share his insights on starting out and becoming a successful affiliate.

Like successful affiliate Dr Ngo (AKA Charles Ngo), Brandon got his start managing the SEM (search engine marketing) operations for a major retailer and had insight into the workings of traffic and lead generation.

He’s had more than his share of challenges and obstacles along the way to his current level of success and during the Friday Podcast, he talked about:

  • How he started promoting credit card affiliate offers and how he dealt with challenges when the programs started imploding
  • How he encountered a series of failures when he started promoting weight loss CPA offers and the platform where he managed to hit his first $1,000 day.
  • What you should do to research an affiliate/CPA offer before you start promoting it to increase your chances of success
  • Advice for new affiliates starting out

There’re quite a few nuggets of information for new and experienced affiliates which you can check out at the link below:


Friday Podcast: Social Branding for Affiliate Networks With Dina Riccobono

dina riccobonoMarket Leverage Social Media Manager Dina Riccobono, came on the Friday Podcast to talk about the network’s social branding intiatives. Specifically, industry observers will note that Market Leverage has often taken the lead in reaching out to affiliate via the social media channel – Market Leverage TV, Greenlink affiliate video tutorials, and engagement on blogs and forums.

I invited Dina on the Friday Podcast to give her insight into intiatives like:

  • What social media marketing means to Market Leverage
  • Some of the past social campaigns that the network has led
  • How the online social media projects tie in with real-world tradeshows and events
  • Market Leverage’s new mobile application for affiliates
  • The launch of the WhoIsAndrewWee.com Affiliate Challenge

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Optimizing Your Web Business For Success

msdanielleDanielle Nagami is a California-based internet marketing consultant and blogs at MsDanielle.com covering SEO, PPC and provides marketing campaign optimization services for clients, primarily large brick-and-mortar businesses.

Having worked with large campaigns, I had a chance to ask her about setting up and launching new websites, especially for internet marketers with smaller operations.

During our discussion, we talked about:

  • How Danielle got involved in internet marketing
  • The elements to create a long term and sustainable web business
  • How to organize your site structure for user accessibility and search engine crawlability
  • Conducting competitive research and using that data in your campaign
  • How to optimize your site, including specific techniques
  • A case study of a successful website which is tweaked regularly
  • How to incorporate specific techniques to increase repeat visitors and customer retention

Check out the podcast below:


Friday Podcast: Print-On-Demand Business Strategies With JGoode

jen goodeI met Jen Goode better known as JGoode at the recent Affiliate Summit where she was helming the mentors program.

Jen is one of the nicest people you will meet in internet marketing and she’s gone out of her way to help people.

As a designer and a programmer, Jen has a unique set of skills which gives her an advantage when it comes to marketing her fine art and t-shirt designs.

Her move to print-on-demand (POD) services to develop her own products such as t-shirts is a great primer for aspiring marketers looking at the POD market.

During the Friday Podcast, we talked about:

  • Jen’s background and how she got started on the Internet
  • How she developed her skills in both the design element of internet marketing and programming
  • The benefits of print-on-demand services
  • How to get started on POD services
  • How to determine which products sell and how to generate traffic and sales for your products
  • Tips for establishing your niche within the POD marketplace
  • How to use customer follow up strategies to increase your sales and profits

New and experienced marketers will get something out of the podcast accessible below:


Friday Podcast: Social Marketing Strategies With PotPieGirl

potpiegirlThis week on the Friday Podcast, I invited PotPieGirl to talking about generating traffic using free methods.

I’d seen her twitter exchanges with Miles Baker and found that she’s pretty proficient in building sites on Squidoo (the social networking site founded by marketer and author Seth Godin) and generate affiliate marketing income from her efforts.

During the course of our discussion, I found out:

  • How she got started in affiliate marketing
  • Her strategy for traffic generation and how she got involved in social media marketing
  • How she balances her time with a spouse and kids to take care of too
  • How 2007′s “Squidoo Slap” (where Google placed less prominence on Squidoo lenses) has affected her business
  • Tips for resources to build your internet marketing skills
  • How to market effectively using Squidoo lenses

Check out the podcast below:

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