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Friday Podcast: CPA Marketing Tips With Kris Trujillo

kris trujilloCashTactics.net’s head blogger and an experienced affiliate Kris Trujillo stopped by the Friday Podcast to give his opinion and insights into issues that affiliates might face as they work on their campaigns.

Some of the issues we discussed included:

  • Kris’ affiliate wishlist for CPA (cost-per-action/cost-per-acquisition) networks
  • His top picks of CPA networks (including the top 2 – Convert2Media and Market Leverage)
  • CPA offer databases (including CashTactic’s new branded offer database in conjunction with Offers202)
  • How to get the most out of your relationship with your affiliate manager
  • His recommendations for affiliate campaign management software (Tracking202 and Prosper202)
  • CashTactics’ plans for Affiliate Summit East
  • A teaser for his upcoming project with Ian Fernando

Check out the podcast below:


Affiliate Summit West 2009 In Pics and Words (Part 3)

If you missed it, here are “Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Pics and Words” – Part 1 and Part 2.

Meeting people in person at tradeshows and seminars and more importantly, talking to them face-to-face has yielded some of the greatest dividends in getting ideas to grow my business, find partners to work on projects and connect with others.

Here’re more folks:

billy kay knoblach

Yes his name really is B Knoblach AKA BillyKay.

Besides his successful Mail Order Shoppe, BK is friendly and always has a smile on his face.

BK’s twitter account.

deb carney loxly

Deb Carney AKA Loxly always gives highly welcome Loxly hugs.

Besides being the boss at outsourced program manager TeamLoxly, actively running Loxly Gallery and producing a number of new podcast at (more…)

Blogroll Update Dec 2008

One of the best aspects of having a regular podcast like the Friday Podcast is being able to tap the brains and get ideas and inspiration for some of the brightest lights in blogging, affiliate marketing, PPC and search engine optimization.

And the inertia of business and projects has kept my intended blogroll update moving forward for a couple of months (yes, months).

If you’re headed to the Affiliate Summit next month, do drop a note in the comments below and be sure to say “hi” especially if we meet up at one of the parties or at the booths.

Here’re some of my old friends and new friends I’ve made in the last year (and recently added to the blogroll).

Miles Baker: A work-at-home dad who’s tried just about everything on the internet, Miles is a successful affiliate who’s built a healthy number of profitable sites. He’s one of the panelists at the affiliate panel on the first day of the Affiliate Summit.

Check out Miles’ appearance on my Friday Podcast.

Miles’ Twitter account


NickyCakes: Nick calls himself a “reformed blackhat” whose main focus is on pay per click-based affiliate marketing. He’s posted a number of innovative affiliate strategies on his blog (in between pointing out perceived pretentiousness among certain affiliates). Nick will also be one of the panelists on the affiliate panel at 1230pm on the first day of the summit.

Nick’s previous appearance on the Friday Podcast.

Nick’s Twitter account

Geordie Carswell: Geordie’s the 3rd and final member of the affiliate panel. Though he doesn’t actively blog, he’s focused on building his new outfit, Diversion Marketing. Although he’s quite accomplished at PPC, he’s since started work on a couple of different projects and I might have him on a future episode of the Friday Podcast.

In the meantime, you can check out his previous appearance on the Friday Podcast where he talked about affiliate success strategies.

Geordie’s twitter account


Chad Frederiksen: Better known as “CDF Networks”, Chad has the distinction of being one of the top 10 (more…)

As 2007 Draws To A Close…

…There’s just a little more than a day to finish what you were supposed to have completed this year.

It’s natural to measure your achievements by how much you have earned, but I think a more important measure is how much you have learned this year.

Even a salaried employee can go through the year, earning a steady paycheck, with a fat bonus on top of it, and not learn much or be very much improved over the past year…not to mention an internet marketer or entrepreneur who spent all year reading, “finding their direction” and still not be much closer to their goal.

Look into the psychological mirror and take a hard look at the reflection, is the “You” on December 31, 2007, very different from the “You” on January 1, 2007?

What are 3 achievements you have made this year, and what are 3 achievements you plan to achieve next year.

In his book “The Magic of Thinking Big” author David Schwartz says if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person because it will get done. If you give it to someone with lots of free time on their hands, it’s likely they won’t get it done because they aren’t able to prioritize and take action. And action is where it counts, because ideas and thoughts are not active till acted upon.

In January, I’ll be:

  • Developing and launching a membership site as part of the Super Affiliate Accelerator project I’m working on with PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta.
  • Interviewing Seer Interactive’s Wil Reynolds (one of the best speakers addressing issues in SEO).
  • Launching a guerilla style PPC campaign which I’ve adapted from tactics my buddy Ruck has blogged about over at CashTactics.
  • Developing a series of content creation tutorials over at Haiko De Poel’s ABestWeb affiliate marketing forum.
  • Launching a contest on this blog with attractive prizes. (I have a $250 prize in the bag now and will aiming to get $1,000 worth by the launch).

And a number of assorted administrative and tax issues for a new Internet Marketing company which Amit and I formed about a month ago.

I can’t really say I’ll get the 8+ hours sleep per day that I’ve enjoyed over the last 2 weeks…

But it’s going to be one heck of a wild ride!

See you in 2008!