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Social Networking 101: Use the Internet 5 Exposure Strategy to Fasttrack Your Internet Marketing Credibility

You’ve heard the axiom that it takes 7 exposures to establish trust and credibility before your prospect makes a buying decision.

Eg. A person sees a mention for a new beverage (eg. a horseradish-flavoured soda) on a website, sees a celebrity endorsement, receives a flyer in the mail, on 7 occasions before they buy it to try it out.

On the Internet, however, I feel it’s probably closer to 5 exposures before trust is established. Perhaps it’s due to the instant gratification, instant exposure and immediate deliverability nature of the medium that lends itself to this.

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Are You Socially Elite? Get TickMe

PlanetAndrea just alerted me to this.
TickMeUK-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specliast David Naylor has just announced the launch of his new Social Networking site TickMe (TickMe – New Social Networking Site).

Ok, so you may or may not be socially inept, but the fact is that TickMe can help you expand your network, project a different persona in your profile, or simply generate more traffic for your blog, website, portal.

I’m expecting that Terry from Kineda will be coming over very shortly to set up something. And we could use more pictures of Scarlett Johannson and Japanese Race Queens, can’t we?

TickMe’s interesting because there’s a system in place to protect your ego.

According to David:

It’s a bit like Myspace/Faceparty but with more privacy and a dating slant. It’s all very simple. Log in and “tick” someone you like the look of. They won’t know you’ve ticked them unless they tick you back and you get a mutual tick! Cut out all the nonsense and be sure that the people you’re communicating with are on the same wavelength.

That may be true, but if you you look at the profiles:


I’m not sure how I feel about (more…)

Allen Says’ MyWarriorNetwork Launched

I got an email from fellow Internet Marketer Steven Wong with an invitation to join the My Warrior Network.


If you’re familiar with the Warrior Forum, a credible source of Internet Marketing information and the brainchild of IM guru Allen Says, Warrior Network seems to be a brand extension of that.

Although the marketing material states the benefits include:

  • Find someone you know who works for a particular company or in a certain industry
  • Find old friends and work colleagues
  • Buy and sell products and services or get advice and recommendations
  • Get credible introductions to decision makers through your new contacts
  • Publicize and find forthcoming Business and Social Events
  • Get referrals for new jobs or hard to find staff

I doubt there might be too much B2B or traditional brick-and-mortar business matchmaking there.

But I feel it’ll be a great community building site for those active or new to the warriors forum. (more…)