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Facing the Internet Marketing failure

You’ve done up your blog.

You’ve looked for the optimum adsense positions.

Studied the Google Adsense guides, watched the videos.

You’ve read all the affiliate marketing materials that you got at UltimateAffiliateWeapon.

Maybe you’ve already got a copy of SecretBlogWeapon and you’ve SEO-enabled your site and got all the traffic generators in place.

Now what?


Want to succeed at Internet Marketing? Get into the Keiretsu

Over the last couple of days, new and experienced Internet Marketers have been asking questions about the Keiretsu Internet Marketing program I’ve launched.Here’re some answers:What the heck is a Keiretsu?

From Wikipedia, a keiretsu (Japanese origin) (literally. system or series) is a set of companies with interlocking business relationships… It is a type of business group.

The Digital Keiretsu I’ve formed is a business-oriented syndicate. It provides business leverage and more importantly, monetize on Internet-related initiatives.

The core team, Keiretsu Alpha, contains a mix of members across various industries, spanning the financial, lifestyle, FMCG and information industries.

Posting your Blogs for Maximum Internet Marketing Effectiveness

Deciding when to put a blog post is a factor often overlooked by some bloggers.

The time at which you post can have a great impact on your readership.

Do you think I’m crazy?

Take a look at your web stats.

Awstats is a good tool for web analytics (I’ll go into this in a future post).

By auditing your traffic patterns, you can first triangulate:

  • The core country for most of your readers (homeground)
  • How long they stay at your site (stickiness)
  • Which posts are they look at (content concentration)

If your core audience is from the US, you would want to take note of daylight hours in the US.


F.ree Internet Marketing training? No way!

Free is a dirty word.Stuart Tan

Every time I used it, my spam filter flags it with a 3.6 rating. Meaning a high chance of landing in the Spam basket.

No charge and in your sleep are also no-no’s that you want to avoid in your emails.

Heck, even “hello” in your subject line will flag you for spam.


Then how am I supposed to talk about my buddy, Stuart Tan’s upcoming event this Wednesday?

You probably already know that Stuart is the Executive Director of the Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, and together with Adam Khoo, runs a number of personal development programs.

He’s giving a 2 hour talk, Internet Money Secrets, where he’ll explain what Internet Marketing entails and the various business models.

I asked him for more details. (yes, I fight for the interests and maybe kaypohness (sense of inquisitiveness) of my blog readers.

Come on, what’re are you going to talk about.

Why don’t you come and find out, you’ll be in for a treat, he said.

I booked my place immediately. After all, if he’s going to give an information-packed presentation and it’s all at the cost of nothing (me trying to outsmart the spam files), then it’s silly not to go, don’t you think?

Come on, Stuart, what will you be talking about? Nobody will go if you’re going to talk about your Barbie doll collection, I protested.

Oh, all right, I’ll give an introduction of Internet Marketing, touch on the various business models before I go into the fun topic.

Fun topic? What fun topic?

I suspect there’s be interest in this, but I probably should save it for later.

Come on, spill! dammit!

Oh, alright. I clocked up sales in the six figure region in the last 12 months and many people have asked how I achieved that. I’ll be sharing some of that at the session.

Oh, ok. Can I have a few seats then?

To cut a long story short, I got a “few”.

I offered me the places to my Keiretsu Internet Marketing group, and there were many ready takers.

I have 5 more seats left, if anyone wants them.

If you do, please send me an email at enquiries (at) whoisandrewwee.com. I’ll need to enter your name, contact number and email address into the online reservation system.

If you get a seat, I’ll email or call you to confirm. If not, there’s always next time (no idea when that will be)

PS: due to the small number of seats available, I promised them I’d get back to them on Monday latest. If they’ve any more seats, they’d released them only if people dropped out.

I hope you understand, I’ll have to select entries on a first come, first served basis. So email me now.

Singapore Internet connectivity affected by down Indonesian server

A friend had difficulty accessing some websites and her web host a short while ago (Saturday, 26th Aug), she called up her web host Hostgator in the US and the tech support guy told her some server in Indonesia through which Singapore routes is down… Singapore, parts of Asia and Australia have been affected.

I have been checking Google News for any news on this, but can’t seem to locate any items.

In the meantime, my link for SecretBlogWeapon.com seems to have some difficulty connection, though my Malaysian Internet Marketing counterparts don’t have a problem (the server is based in Malaysia).

Having this happen in the midst of an Affilate Marketing campaign throw a bolt into the machinery.

It’s expected to cause a delay in the set up of the Keiretsu Internet Marketing group too.

In the meantime, leave a comment if I can assist with your implementations and I’ll be in touch with you ASAP.

PS: as of now there’s about 12 confirmations for Keiretsu Internet Marketing group. Take up either the Ultimate Affiliate Weapon or Secret Blog Weapon to reap the benefits now.

For details, see the previous post: Affiliate Internet Marketing campaign kicks off, great bonuses!