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Internet Marketing Singapore Event Tonight

Stuart TanI’m doing my best to avoid spending 16 hours in front of the computer every day, so I clocked up about 10 hours watching “Prison Break Season 1″ with my wife this weekend.

Thanks to Sam Witteveen for the work break.

Sam’s an NLP trainer with lots of interesting stuff on the cards. You might like to check out his Internet Marketing website/forum at: New Internet Warrior.

What’s the point of my digression?

It’s my roundabout way of saying the minimal blog posts I’ve been putting out is my effort to ‘balance out’ my life.

So it’s my fault that I’m announcing my buddy Stuart Tan’s Internet Marketing Singapore event this late.

It’s today.

I’ve made it a point to attend every meeting since the first one where Alex Mandossian spoke. (more…)

WhoIsAndrewWee.com Photos Launched

This has been a long time in coming, but I finally got it up and running.

Introducing the WhoIsAndrewWee.com photos section!

Although we’ll eventually have a links section up, I’m leaning more towards a photo link type section as it’ll help personalize the web (aka PlanetAndrea style!) a little more.

I’ve got some photos from Stuart’s recent Internet Money Secrets seminar up, as well as a photo from Australia-based Web designer Ryan Jackson (visit him at DesignGuruRyan.com) who’s happy with his Robert Allen book.

WhoIsAndrewWee.com photos

Click on image above to go to WhoIsAndrewWee.com Photos


Internet Money Secrets Day 1

If you were in Singapore and you didn’t make it to Internet Money Secrets yesterday, boy, did you miss out!

It was a great session with Stuart sharing Search Engine Optimization strategies and Internet Marketing newbies would get a whole bunch of strategies on optimizing and generating traffic for your site. But more on Stuart later.

I was really looking forward to Kelvin Hui’s presentation and he sure overdelivered!

Ambatch.com Kelvin and Piano

Ambatch.com’s Kelvin Hui and Piano Chen

Kelvin gave details of his Ambatch.com community publishing project.

Can you imagine a site which is:

  • Ranked 217 in the Alexa ranking
  • Generating 300,000 visitors a day
  • Generating an obscene of adsense revenue on a monthly basis

I can’t either. And the community project hasn’t been up all that long (only about August!)

You can visit Kelvin’s blog here: Gathering in Singapore

Here’s a great quote from Kelvin:

Every project should be fun. If it’s not funny, then don’t do it.

If it’s fun, then the fund will come along!

Definitely good advice to keep along and his new community project FriendEarth.com is making big strides too.

He’s got an adsense revenue sharing model there and I think it’s worth checking out.

By the way, I don’t think it’s fair to call it a ‘sharing’ model as you keep all adsense revenue generated.

So shouldn’t you be headed over there now?


Internet Money Secrets revealed!

I’m looking forward to October, because the face of Internet Marketing in Singapore and possibly Asia will never be the same again.

That’s because the NTUC Auditorium at Marina Boulevard in the heart of the city will play host to the Inaugural Internet Money Secrets convention.
Internet Money Secrets

The event is intended to focus in on generating Internet Marketing income through two revenue streams:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing (my favourite!)

Beyond just the knowledge, I’m looking forward to the great networking opportunities.

Just imagine, 350 Internet Marketers all gathered in one place, exchanging ideas over two days, with the possibility of teaming up and forming joint ventures. (more…)

DigitalKeiretsu.com networking session tonight!

I realize this is a little last moment (ok, very last minute).

A number of people were asking to meet up after reading: Meeting of the Internet Marketing minds

So in response, and at the risk of getting zero people, I’m organizing a meet up session tonight at 6pm at Amara Shopping Center’s food court.

Note: This is in Singapore

Some of my DigitalKeiretsu.com (DK) team may be there, and it’ll be a good opportunity to share ideas and strategies.

If you’re new to Internet Marketing, or would like to connect to a community of fellow Internet Marketers, this’ll be a good opportunity to ‘meet and greet‘. (more…)

F.ree search engine top keyword position and f.ree PPC advertising credit

I have to confess, I didn’t sleep much last night. I’d sent my wife to the airport the previous day and spent all night searching the net for more Internet Marketing stuff.

I was using the automated Blog submission software from SecretBlogWeapon.com to list my blog on a whole blog directories and traffic generators (it took about 2 hours…).

I’m expecting quite a number of high PR backlinks to result from this. And I haven’t even started on the 176 blog traffic generators yet!
Midway through my efforts,I stumbled onto something remarkable, which would help crank up my traffic and affiliate marketing income several notches.