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Why Does Social Traffic Bring You Instant Floods of Traffic?

If you haven’t yet, check out: “Social Networking 101: Use the Internet 5 Exposure Strategy to Fasttrack Your Internet Marketing Credibility

Here’s why social traffic works.

People like people. People want to belong to a group. Even if it’s a small, unknown group, it’s a group nonetheless.

People are constantly on the search for meaning. Having read “Do what you love, love what you do“, you’d know that once the physiological (food, water, sex) needs and safety needs are satisfied, all individuals would look for “love and belonging”

Even in the case of rebels, or deviants, they’re constantly seeking validation from society, that they’re being rejected. Call it building “anti belonging” if you will.

How’s this apply to Internet Marketing?

Lots actually.

If you’re a new Internet Marketer on the block, you’d want to establish yourself, build your brand, get your name out there.

You’d want to break into the inner circle of Internet Marketers.

You could participate in forums, build a high authority website. But I feel that the biggest bang for your buck will come from (more…)

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: An Internet Meme

When it rains, it pours. I got tagged twice today with this meme making the rounds by PlanetAndrea and CasThompson.

Like a game of ‘Pass the Message’ which you play in a big group, depending on who you check out, the meme is known as:

At first look, it seems like Shoemoney and DaveN are on to the right thing. Then again, it could mean that DaveN is good at following formats after being tagged by the Shoemeister.

So this freeform means you have the right to rename the meme (Master Rename Rights so to speak).

Instructions: (Especially for those I’m tagging)

From what I gather, you are supposed to:

  1. Disclose 5 personal things about yourself
  2. Tag another 5 victims friends to pass this labor of love to.

Here’s my (more…)

Social Networking 101: Use the Internet 5 Exposure Strategy to Fasttrack Your Internet Marketing Credibility

You’ve heard the axiom that it takes 7 exposures to establish trust and credibility before your prospect makes a buying decision.

Eg. A person sees a mention for a new beverage (eg. a horseradish-flavoured soda) on a website, sees a celebrity endorsement, receives a flyer in the mail, on 7 occasions before they buy it to try it out.

On the Internet, however, I feel it’s probably closer to 5 exposures before trust is established. Perhaps it’s due to the instant gratification, instant exposure and immediate deliverability nature of the medium that lends itself to this.

Social Traffic


Are You Socially Elite? Get TickMe

PlanetAndrea just alerted me to this.
TickMeUK-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specliast David Naylor has just announced the launch of his new Social Networking site TickMe (TickMe – New Social Networking Site).

Ok, so you may or may not be socially inept, but the fact is that TickMe can help you expand your network, project a different persona in your profile, or simply generate more traffic for your blog, website, portal.

I’m expecting that Terry from Kineda will be coming over very shortly to set up something. And we could use more pictures of Scarlett Johannson and Japanese Race Queens, can’t we?

TickMe’s interesting because there’s a system in place to protect your ego.

According to David:

It’s a bit like Myspace/Faceparty but with more privacy and a dating slant. It’s all very simple. Log in and “tick” someone you like the look of. They won’t know you’ve ticked them unless they tick you back and you get a mutual tick! Cut out all the nonsense and be sure that the people you’re communicating with are on the same wavelength.

That may be true, but if you you look at the profiles:


I’m not sure how I feel about (more…)

Social Traffic Generation and Engagement

Regular readers will know that social traffic generation is a pet topic of mine, and you’d be surprised that about 70-80% of the traffic to this blog originates from social origins (typically a blog, forum or social networking site), rather than from the search engines.

Social traffic can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it well, and can draw traffic faster as the traffic comes immediately.

Social Traffic Generation is heavily reliant on the 11th factor: Write Well. Which is detailed in 10 Ways to a Killer Blog.

The principle works this way: You want to post high quality content on other sites such that your readers want to find out more about you and read your content. Hence they pop over to your site.

Having a good traffic mix is important
Forums in particular are a great source of traffic. Especially if (more…)