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Blog Predictions 2007 – An Internet Meme

Every week, yet another journalist or online marketer predicts the Death of Blogging. Ironicially, sometimes these ‘predictions’ are made by bloggers.

Far from dying, there’s a resurgence in blogging, judging by the flow of private equity and growth of blog networks.

Just look at the nearly 1,200 submissions for the Round 5 submissions for the 9rules Blog Network or check the stats at the Blog Network List. Darren Rowse’s b5media blog network got a nice chunk of capital funding too.

2007 will see a further evolution of blogging as we know it.

Perhaps ‘blogging’ (a truncation of weblog) may evolve as a term to fully encompass what it represents.

Here’re 4 trends I see this year.

Offline to Online Content

  • Offline to Online Content Migration

Even without Amazon and Google’s efforts to digitize content for the Internet, a multitude of content publishers (more…)

Social Traffic Generation and Engagement

Regular readers will know that social traffic generation is a pet topic of mine, and you’d be surprised that about 70-80% of the traffic to this blog originates from social origins (typically a blog, forum or social networking site), rather than from the search engines.

Social traffic can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it well, and can draw traffic faster as the traffic comes immediately.

Social Traffic Generation is heavily reliant on the 11th factor: Write Well. Which is detailed in 10 Ways to a Killer Blog.

The principle works this way: You want to post high quality content on other sites such that your readers want to find out more about you and read your content. Hence they pop over to your site.

Having a good traffic mix is important
Forums in particular are a great source of traffic. Especially if (more…)