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Monetization Options For Facebook Application Developers

In a couple of hours time I’ll be on the panel at the second Singapore Facebook Developers Garage, which features the topic: “Marketing and Monetization of FB Applications: Hype or Goldmine?

The session moderator Bernard Leong has posted a kickoff post: Marketing and Monetization of Facebook: Prologue

If you’ve spoken to me or exchanged emails, you’ll know that I’m a pragmatist at heart. Having see the rise of the dotcoms and dot-crashes soon after, I’m certainly not in this application if the end result of facebook monetization is mere “hype”.

Talking to Jason Bailey, whom I’m helping to launch his $uperRewards FB monetization system, I’ve seen the applications and case studies of successful FB applications which are making $100,000 – $200,000 a month.

These applications are probably in the top 5% of Facebook applications that turn a profit and a huge profit at that…and the reality of any capitalist society is that you must benchmark yourself against benchmark yourself against the leaders, rather than the other 90% of Facebook developers who are merely scrambling to find two nickels to rub together…

A business must be able to generate positive cashflow and must be able to sustain a comfortable lifestyle for the application creators. Anything less and you’re running a charity.

Let’s break this down for a moment…

An “average” application might generate $10,000 to $15,000 a month, which could be fairly reasonable…until you break that $15,000 by 30 days, or $500 a day.

$15,000 a month or $500 a day, with an assumption of 50,000 daily active users means you are generating 1 cent per daily user…that’s pretty pathetic


Instead, if you want to go big with Facebook Applications, you need to define your goal and reverse engineer the process.

I think $100,000 per month is a decent benchmark. (as a starting point…)

With an average of (more…)

Social Networks Part 3: How To Maximize Your Facebook Application’s Profit Potential

In the final part of our interview, Jason Bailey (AKA Chickenhole) and I discussed how to maximize your application’s profit potential by incorporating some tips during the development, marketing and monetization phases.

We talked about the criteria a successful FB App MUST incorporate to ensure that it takes on a life of its own through viral distribution.  We also talked about how you get started, especially if you don’t have any programming skills.

If you are already developing a Facebook Application, you will want to know about the free application hosting with programming functions. This is especially critical because successful Facebook applications could have 500,000 or more daily active users a day.

To access this massive 45-minute recording, you should add the $uperRewards application.

After you have added it, you can submit your application to join the $uperRewards Developers group.

The developers group will also contain tips on application design and game mechanics and ideas for incorporating the $uperRewards application into your application and increase your monetization.

Current Facebook Application owners who have added $uperRewards have reported up to a 20 times increase in profit since adding the application.

As we are manually reviewing each application, it may take up to 48 hours to approve your application.

Here are the links:

–> $uperRewards Application

–> $uperRewards Developers Group

Friday Podcast: Social Networks Part 2 – Facebook Marketing – Tips And Strategies

In this next installment of the Friday Podcast, Jason Bailey AKA Chickenhole discusses marketing strategies on the Facebook social network.

Among our discussion topics:

  • How to get your marketing efforts started on Facebook
  • How to effectively use Facebook Social Ads
  • Facebook Social Ads marketing and pricing strategies
  • Using Facebook’s ‘Walled Garden’ architecture to your advantage
  • The future of Facebook and search engines

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, to find out more, listen to the podcast below.

***The best part has to be to monster 45-minute final segment of the interview which I’ll be releasing on Monday.

Stay tuned.

Friday Podcast: Social Networks Part 1 – An Insider Look With Jason Bailey AKA “Chickenhole”

jason bailey chickenholeIn this edition I had a chance to chat with Jason Bailey (right), who’s recently launched his Facebook Application $uperRewards, and he’s also one of the management team at CPA network Millnic Media.

Jason’s previously been very actively marketing on the MySpace social network and has recently focused his attention to the Facebook social network.

Hear his thoughts on how Facebook squares off against MySpace, which are the other social networks you should take note of (and generate income from).

This is part one of a 90 minute interview I conducted with Jason recently.

If you’re already in the social marketing game, this is a session you need to listen to…

[Note: Part 2 will be released tomorrow]

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A Guide To Monetizing Social Networks and MMPOGs

Social marketing can be used to not only market and promote your own products, but you can use it to effectively convert traffic (human visitors) into cash.

Following the post on the launch of Jason “Chickenhole” Bailey’s $uperRewards Facebook monetization service, I have been hearing that a lack of programming skills (PHP especially) seems to be the biggest stumbling block.

It’s actually the least of the issues you will face, because you can easily outsource the programming and API work to a developer in an Eastern European country or to India.

The biggest challenges you will face are:

  • Create something that is useful for your visitors AND profitable for yourself
  • How to stand out from the crowd

I’m finding that social network applications tend to fall into 2 categories:

  • Monetization isn’t planned into the application and tends to be loosely added on

Take a look at this Facebook application – Defense of the Ancients -

facebook application defense of the ancients

There are banners for the AceBucks monetization application at the top and the bottom of the page.

In these instances, it’s very much “interruptive” monetization – like having ads in a TV program.

If you have a Tivo, you can wipe them out.

Similarly, with prolonged exposure to (more…)

Facebook Monetization Service $uper Rewards Officially Launches

A key indicator that a technology has reached maturity is when people are able to make full time incomes from it. In this case, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook social network has grown beyond just college kids, to include a development architecture where independent programmers can develop applications which ride on the Facebook platform.

Even better, Facebook applications and their developers are banking big, to the tune of a couple of hundred thousand dollars, and possibly even a million dollars in a week.


Enter the latest entrant, Facebook application $uper Rewards, spearheaded by Jason “Chickenhole” Bailey.

While Jason is one of the owners of CPA network Millnic Media, he has mentioned that $uper Rewards is independent of Millnic Media and will work other networks and merchants to expand it’s business opportunity.

What is $uper Rewards?

$uper Rewards functions as a “Facebook Application monetization widget” that Facebook Application developers can insert in their applications.

It’s based on a PHP architecture and provides access to more than 300 offers from about 12 different affiliate/CPA networks.

The $uper Rewards platform includes features like geo-targeting functions to provide geographically appropriate offers to the application users.

jason bailey chickenhole

Jason Bailey “Chickenhole”

As Jason describes the service: “$R is a tool for any points/rewards based application which allows developers to easily manage incentivzable offers from dozens of CPA networks. This is a DEAD SIMPLE cut and paste solution that does 95% of the work associated with monetizing such an app for you.

Among the key features of $uper Rewards:

  • Incentivizable Offers to cover EVERY COUNTRY on the planet
  • Over 30 Canada Specific offers
  • Over 25 UK specific offers

Some of the other features, include:

  • Geo Targeting management
  • Managing all of the creative
  • Maximizing revenue from each user, including customer support

Some of the Facebook Applications already incorporating $R include:

Some feedback from an early adopter: “$uperRewards rocks. We tried the main CPA networks – offerpal, cpalead etc etc. Right now $uperRewards is generating exactly 20 times the revenue per daily active user of the next best network we used.

Compared to other comparable services, $R offers the highest (more…)