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When A Blog Isn’t A Blog…

With the multitude of functions that blogging platforms are currently being appropriated for (especially  WordPress software), is blogging in danger of losing its identity.

It’s no surprise that blogs are highly optimized for search engines, tend to be the weapon of choice for linkbait campaigns and are usually the chosen weapon when a single individual (or marketer) decides to take on an airline, supermarket chain, or budget airline.


Add to that the fact that affiliate marketers are also employing it’s flexible architecture to construct landing pages, opt-in forms, affiliate content sites, shopping/shopping comparison sites, coupon sites, customer loyalty sites (plus the occasional or maybe not so occasional affiliate cookie stuffing site) and you’d realize that it’s not just a diarying platform anymore.

In a tweet yesterday, Top Ranking Marketing CEO Lee Odden fired (more…)

Twitter Metrics Are A Complete Waste Of Time

I had a twitter conversation with TopRank Online Marketing CEO Lee Odden about the launch of WebProNews’ new Twitter directory/indexing service Twellow.com.


Great things about Twellow:

  • Categorizes twitter streams by vertical/niche, eg: automotive, movies, blogging, news
  • Groups related twitterers together

It’s offset by one major flaw, which unfortunately is tied to Twitter’s current state of development – analytics don’t mean much more than a brute force “followers” number.

The higher the number of followers, the higher you’ll rank in the results, with the net effect that Robert Scoble is ranked first with 28,000 followers, followed by Jake Marsh with 12,000, in the blogging category.

The results are limited by the enrollment of your twitter feed into the system for benchmarking and indexing.

But I’m having serious doubts about using followers as the determining criteria.

Could social networks be (more…)

WhoIsAndrewWee.com Becomes WebProNews Content Provider

A couple of weeks ago, I received and accepted an invite to be a blog partner for WebProNews and ientry content network.

What this means is content from this blog may be syndicated through WebProNews, or through the ientry content network, namely:

It’s a pleasure to be listed among the company of other ientry bloggers, such as:

and numerous other first rate bloggers.

When I first started blogging in July 2006, my intent has always been to (more…)

The Magazine Meme And Niche Research

I was tagged by PepperJam Head Honcho Kris Jones as part of the “What Magazines Do You Read?” (and have a titbit for niche researching Internet Marketers).

I don’t read many magazines, reading most of my content and feature content online.

Besides reading the print edition of Singapore’s major English daily, The Straits Times, which comes with weekly tech, fashion and lifestyle “magazines”, on the rare occasion, I check out:

  • Revenue (I read the online digital edition when I can)
  • Skymall catalogue found on most domestic flights
  • Tabloids like US, People

Tabloids and rag mags are a good opportunity to (more…)