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3 Faces Of Success In PPC Affiliate Marketing

In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to 3 top PPC (pay-per-click) affiliate marketers. More than that, I’ve had the opportunity to gain insight into how they operate their businesses as well as set up and fine tune their PPC campaigns.

Although I shouldn’t have been that surprised, still it’s quite amazing how different their approaches are from each other. Which goes to show that there are multiple avenues to achieve your goals with PPC and affiliate marketing.

Note: I’ll be painting in broad strokes here, so expect some generalizations.

super affiliates

(left-to-right) Jeremy Palmer, Amit Mehta, John Hasson

Jeremy Palmer is a name that comes up often, especially if you’re a Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate or if you attend the Affiliate Summit. I’ve found that Jeremy and I use a similar approach in looking at offline research avenues, including books, magazines and reports to research niches, and develop deep, content rich sites.

Given his experience as a web developer, I guess it’s not surprising that he tends to build sites from the ground up. Also, having presented and watched his Black Ink project unfold, I’ve seen how Jeremy uses a systematic approach to building his campaigns.

You can check out Jeremy’s appearance on the Friday Podcast.


Amit Mehta has spoken at the past 3 Affiliate Summits, and given his background (more…)

Building A 7-Figure-A-Year Business With Amit Mehta

amit mehtaAmit Mehta who speaks regularly at events like the Affiliate Summit is a true internet success story.

Starting out $20,000 in consumer debt a couple of years ago, he stumbled upon affiliate marketing and later PPC and owns a 7-figure-a-year business today.

On the Friday Podcast, Amit shared:

  • How he got started in Internet Marketing
  • How he overcame the challenges that all new marketers face
  • His success strategies for building his business
  • The “inner game” mind elements and strategies he uses.
  • His upcoming projects

Amit delivered a ton of content on this call.

Check out his blog: Super Affiliate Mindset

Just released: PPC Classroom 2.0 (product review)

Is A BlogRush Syndication Credit Bubble (and Crash) Coming?

On a number of forums and blogs like i am jack’s “The Three Big Problems With BlogRush“, there’s concern that “syndication credits” (the social currency earned and used to drive traffic) in John Reese’s BlogRush network is outpacing the rate at which they can be used. Is there a bubble building?

A bubble can develop when the supply outpaces the supply. For example, if a banana republic cranks their printing presses and floods the market with money, it causes hyper inflation, that burger which cost $5 before, might cost $100 now (due to the drop in the value of money). It leads to a crash in the economy.

There’ve been a number of bubbles in history, from the Tulip bubble (where people speculated in tulips), a run on semiconductors, real estate, and more recently the dotcoms in 2000. Is BR headed for the same?

For one, I hardly think a widget is going to have the same level of social impact as the dotcoms. So please drop the doomsday scenarios already.

Secondly, let’s look at the mechanics of the system.

You earn a “syndication credit” (which you can trade for a reciprocal link display on someone else’s blog).

Each time a blogrush widget is displayed, it (more…)

Monday Question: Do Link Exchanges Work?

I got a question about traffic generation and link exchanges this past week:

Hi Andrew,

I’ve a new site and getting traffic seems to be a challenge.

I have been thinking of link exchanges. I’m hearing different things about them. Do they work?


In my opinion many marketers are overly obsessed with traffic.

Traffic won’t solve your worries if your site has a ‘leaky’ design (with multiple exit links for visitors), doesn’t have effective channels for monetization or list building, or doesn’t have sticky content to get visitors to keep coming back. For the purposes of discussion, I’ll assume that you got those areas covered, or are working on them.

Besides raw traffic quantity (number of visitors), you need to monitor and closely refine your traffic quality (how relevant your visitors are). There’s no point to get everyone and his mother over to your site if they don’t fit your site’s demographic.

That’s where alliances are handy.

A link exchange is where two websites or blogs have (more…)