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Eric Marcoullier Leaves MyBlogLog

Last Friday, blog social network MyBlogLog co-founder Eric Marcoullier posted on the official MyBlogLog blog his “So Long and Thanks For All The Fish” post, announcing he would be leaving the company with the most commonly displayed blog widget, a company which Yahoo! acquired for $10 million earlier in the year.

Every MyBlogLog blogger will have some relationship with Eric. After all he’s the default “friend” when you join the network.

eric marcoullier

With Eric’s departure, will new MBL members be greeted by Yahoo! Community Manager Robyn Tippins?

It was just a little over a month ago that MyBlogLog ran their ad on StandoutJobs to hire two wickedly good developers.

eric marcoullier todd sampson

In the video ad, Eric, seen with MyBlogLog co-founder Todd Sampson were talking about the atmosphere at the young company, and it’s a pity to see Eric’s departure.

He’ll be gradually phasing to becoming one of the bloggers in the MBL community, creating the moniker bpm140 and will be blogging over at marcoullier.com.

I’m thinking bpm140 could be an abbreviation for (more…)

Technorati Kicks Their Analytics Up A Notch

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you’d have heard of Technorati, the blog community site. They’ve recently revamped their stats and ranking system to factor in social factors. The net result? This blog has seen a jump in rankings, testament to the fact that social traffic strategies work.

Let’s look at the new stats panel:


Blog Authority is measured by the number of blogs that link to you, with each blog amount to a single ‘vote’ or count in the blog authority measure.

Blog Ranking, in this case a whoppling 5,196 means I am 5,195 places away from the top.

In the words of Technorati’s Dorion Carroll:

“Technorati Rank is calculated based on how far you are from the top. The blog with the hightest Technorati Authority is (more…)

$400 Up For Grabs in Blogging Contest

The 5Star Affiliate Forum turns 2 on Monday June 25th, 2007 and founder and president Linda Buquet has put up $400 in their blogging competition.

You can check out Linda’s Affiliate Forum Blogging Contest and decide if you meet the criteria and take part in the contest.

I’d first heard Linda on the Shoemoney Net Income radio show.

If you missed it you can listen to the podcast here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I remember Linda gave a few nuggests of affiliate marketing advice on the show.

Let’s look at contests for a moment.

Are they worth taking part in?

For experienced affiliates $400 will seem like chump change, but the big payout comes (more…)

WordPress Blogging Pipeline and Projections

One of the WordPress development team, Ryan Born, noted in his post WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1 will not include a tagging feature, the next version could include a comprehensive taxonomy framework which could open up the field for interesting plugins.

The year has been an interesting one for WordPress bloggers with the release of about 5 major and incremental upgrades since the start of the year.

It’s interesting to see WordPress grow from more a GNU General Public License hobbist project, to a comprehensive solution that corporates are increasingly embracing.

The fact that new WordPress versions currently do or will eventually include native functions like:

  • Email functions like (phpMailer)
  • Tagging (which helps out the information sorting and relevance process in the age of info overload)
  • Widgets (to expand its functions from it’s base text/graphics-information Content Management System publishing origins)
  • XML-RPC APIs for otherwise static “Pages” as distinguished from the dynamic “Post” counterparts
  • Further ATOM feed and API support for increased content distribution syndication

These initiatives give WordPress a big step up from other more Web1.0 corporate-oriented blogging platforms.

And ultimately it’s about choice. If you choose to (more…)

WhoIsAndrewWee.com Becomes WebProNews Content Provider

A couple of weeks ago, I received and accepted an invite to be a blog partner for WebProNews and ientry content network.

What this means is content from this blog may be syndicated through WebProNews, or through the ientry content network, namely:

It’s a pleasure to be listed among the company of other ientry bloggers, such as:

and numerous other first rate bloggers.

When I first started blogging in July 2006, my intent has always been to (more…)

And the Blogger’s Choice Award Goes To…

On some level, all of us crave some form of recognition, and awards and prizes confer a degree of recognition. Even though you might get some plastic trophy covered with gold paint, or maybe a dinky award graphic in GIF format, it’s not so much the trophy itself, but the symbolic value of the prize.

So here comes the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

blogger's choice

By a process of peer voting, bloggers stand to receive recognition by their peers and display badges on their blogs.

And yes, expect to see bloggers nominate themselves (and likely that will be the only vote many of them will get.)

Still, any exposure is better than none.

Looking at the current rankings is quite revealing:

Leading the “Best Blogs About Blogging” category, we have:

best blogs about blogging

Notables like ProBlogger Darren Rowse, Lorelle, and I’m not familiar with bloggingbasics101.com (PR5, Alexa 821,000), so I’ll be check it out.

Leaping ahead of the “Best Blog About Blogging” bloggers, we have the celebrity bloggers:

best celebrity blogger

With 4,865 votes, Rosie O’Donnell is clearly ahead of mainstream bloggers and other celebrity bloggers.

The fact is that if you want to do well in blogging (or in any area of Internet Marketing for that matter), you will need to (more…)