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WhoIsAndrewWee.com Goes For A Minor Revamp

In general I don’t meddle with things unless they’re broken, although with Automattic releasing multiple versions of WordPress in recent months, it’s a struggle to upgrade to access the new features, as well as not upgrade too quickly in case any gaping security holes are disclosed.

I’ve performed some minor changes, which may enhance your reading experience.

who is andrew wee

I’ve revamped the “About Andrew” page, as you’ll see shortly.

The “Long Bio” page has some redudant information (already included in the “About Andrew” page). The main reason why I’m keeping it for now is that it’s built up a Google PageRank 4. So I’ll likely do a 301 redirect to better use that PR.

New on the pages tab is “Worth Reading” which I’ll continue to add to when I have time.

I’ve also moved the RSS feeds and my new (more…)

Product Review of Blog/Content Site Monetization Widget: WidgetBucks

Tech entrepreneurs have done it again, this time infusing money-making opportunities into Web 2.0 widgets.
My friend, Jim Kukral mentioned that WidgetBucks will have a launch at Tuesday midnight EST. But who can really make money out of this?

Before you rush out and install on your blog, I’d do some due diligence to make sure you’ll earn something decent and that you’ll get paid.

From WidgetBuck’s website: “WidgetBucks comes to you from the folks at Mpire Corporation, the award-winning meta-shopping service. Mpire’s extensive shopping data experience, including its proprietary contextual, analytics and relevancy algorithms, power WidgetBucks. Founded in 2005, Mpire is backed by Ignition Partners and former eBay executive and Pay Pal angel investor Richard Rock.

WidgetBucks Jim Kukral

What is WidgetBucks?
It’s a javascript-based widget (a small banner-like graphic) that you install on your website or blog, and it uses a comparison shopping type engine to pull relevant listings (the FAQ says “Product listings from 30,000 merchants including trusted leading brands”) and displays it there.

It works on a PayPerClick basis, so it’s similar to adsense, though at $3-6 eCPM ($3-6 per 1,000 visitors), it’s claimed to pay much higher than the industry average of $1-2 eCPM.

Of course compared to affiliate marketing, where I earn about $10-$100 per customer, WidgetBucks and AdSense will seem like chump change.

As has been mentioned before in this blog, (more…)

BlogRush: Is Network Marketing-Based Traffic Generation A Waste Of Time?

The veteran Internet Marketer known as John Reese has recently launched BlogRush, a blog-specific web2.0 widget which syndicates blog publicity across it’s network. It’s raised some debate among a number of bloggers and more importantly, how effective is it?

blog rush john reese

The idea is that each BlogRush widget displayed earns you a syndication credit, which in turn earns you a reciprocal ‘widget view’ on another blog within your category. As far as I’m aware, traffic is NOT guaranteed. You’d still need to put some effort to come up with a great headline and quality content.

What’s blogging maestro Jim Kukral’s bone of contention with BlogRush? Read: Don’t Waste Time With BlogRush, It Won’t Work.

Jim’s point about low traffic blogs not benefitting from the network (which functions as a type of exchange) is certainly valid (and likely not to get much traffic)…Unless (more…)

WhoIsAndrewWee.com Sponsored Post and Sponsored Review Policy

In recent months, we’ve received a slew of requests for product reviews and publicity posts. As a result, we turn down more than 90% of such requests received.

Simultaneously, we’ve also noticed that the metrics at a number of the sponsored post/sponsored review sites seem skewed in recent months. As a result, payouts are not in line with a site’s profile.

After a staff meeting, we’ve decided to bring the sponsored content program in-house, and are pleased to announce the launch of the WhoIsAndrewWee.com content sponsorship program with immediate effect.

As we’ve come from the content publishing industry, we’ve further refined (more…)

How Much Money Do You Make From Blogging?

I was talking to PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta about our Internet Marketing efforts yesterday and the topic of how much income my blogging generates came up.

On a conservative basis, I’d say that monetization from my blogging alone amounts to somewhere in the mid to higher 4 figure range per month.

Which is a pittance compared to some of the “Super Bloggers” out there.

There’s a lot of talk these days about how much the top bloggers make, especially in the light of Business Week’s “Bloggers Bring In The Big Bucks” story.

business week top bloggers

Although I know Darren Rowse and Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker and visit Mario Lavandeira’s PerezHilton and Pete Cashmore’s Mashable, the names on the list were alien to me.

It’s a testament that blogging is an open field and you pick your niche and can do well with it.

But if you’re clued in to the power of blogging, you’d realize that the payoff from blogging comes outside of blogging.

If you listened in to the episode of the Net Income radio show where Shoemoney had Matt Mullenweg, part of the team which developed the WordPress blogging platform, the real money comes as a result of having blogged, rather than because of blogging.

If you missed that episode of Net Income, you can check it out:

As an example, Darren Rowse is a founder of the B5Media blog network, which receive venture funding earlier this year and Shoemoney’s income also comes from promoting CPA offers and developing AuctionAds with partner-in-crime Dave Dellanave AKA Dillsmack. AuctionAds was recently acquired by Media Whiz for an undisclosed sum.

Personally, blogging is a platform to (more…)

WhoIsAndrewWee.com Inducted Into MyBlogLog Advisors And The Social Inner Circle

I’d like to thank MyBlogLog Community Manager Robyn Tippins for the invite to join the MyBlogLog Advisory Group (which I’ve accepted) and I’d also add on to my guest post on the MyBlogLog blog.


First the MBL Advisory Group: I’m looking forward to working closely with MBL to further bring the service to a new level. The other advisors are experts in their own right, like:

MBL is on the forefront of social networking especially for bloggers. In 2006, some naysayers were predicting that “blogging was dead, and Digg was the future”.

Uh huh.

Until Eric and the MBL team launched the MBL widget late last year which has become pervasive. In recent times, Scott Jangro’s BumpZee and BlogCatalog have launched their own variants of their social widget.

And lately you’ve got a number of wayward MBL users who’ve devised a number of dubious ways to generate income by comment or widget spamming the heck out of sites which use the MBL widget.

I think there’s a lot of bad information going out there. If you want to game social traffic or social media (depending on how you call it), you might like to (more…)