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Friday Podcast: Application Development Tips From Mark Wielgus – 45n5.com

mark wielgusMark Wielgus, or just “Mark” from 45n5.com (right) is one of those marketers whom you sit up and take notice of.

I found his site when he first launched his eBay-Amazon-Youtube mashup script, which lets you build an affiliate site easily. Mark has already done the API (application programming interface) work for you, so you can skip around the techie aspects and get round to the business of generating affiliate commissions.

He followed that up with his 19pages.com application, which lets you build a niche site easily, and the best thing about it doesn’t require a MySQL connection, so you can transport it from one webhosting account to another easily. If you’re into site development/site flipping, it can be a handy tool to add value to a site (and increase it’s monetization and asking price too).

He’s since gone on to launch his Top100 “make money online” blog rankings (he developed the code) and it’s generated a fair amount of buzz in the internet marketing blogosphere.

So naturally I had to have him on the Friday Podcast to pick his brains about developing software applications to boost your internet marketing efforts and to directly monetize.

We talked about the building blocks of application development, as well as monetizing your application once it’s good to go.

You can hear our thorough discussion (weighing in at more than an hour long) and hear about his latest project ShowYourAdHere.com in the latest edition of the Friday Podcast accessible below:

Incidentially, Mark is also Blog Captain for the upcoming Affiliate Summit and you can hear about the blog room facilities too.

Selling Paid Links = PageRank Death

So it’s official…From the mouth of SearchEngineJournal editor Loren Baker post “Matt Cutts confirms paid links and PageRank update“, the voice of Google Matt Cutts has said:

The partial update to visible PageRank that went out a few days ago was primarily regarding PageRank selling and the forward links of sites. So paid links that pass PageRank would affect our opinion of a site.

Going forward, I expect that Google will be looking at additional sites that appear to be buying or selling PageRank. 

So if you’re selling links, kiss PageRank goodbye.

This would be a good move to shift more human relevant content into the SERPs, although without visibility of it’s PR algorithmn, it’s difficult to judge how a site providing quality content can justify the provision of free content WITHOUT advertising as a revenue stream.

Has Google’s quality score grown to encompass the quality and sophistication of site content?

Or will it be some time before a comprehensive content ranking system makes it’s way into the PageRank system.


On the bread-and-butter side of things, I (more…)

Video Clips Dominating Google Search Results? And It’s Traffic Generation Implications

Since the official announcement on the Google blog in January, there’s been widespread expectation that video clips would make their way into Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages). But did anyone expect that video clips would rank so highly?

Take the SERPs for Internet Marketer Rachel Rofe:

rachel rofe

Her video clip shot during the recent JV Alert seminar is a blurb for The Next Internet Milionaire. Yet it comes in as result 4, a little below her MySpace profile, personal blog and LinkedIn profile.

It certainly looks impressive.

Another search for Internet Marketer Anik Singal, shows a clip from Affiliate Summit 2006 East coming in as result 8 out of 69,300.

anik singal

This result ranks above his ezinearticles profile page. Pretty amazing.

And expanding the (more…)

Friday Podcast Episode 5: Trendspotting

This episode of the Friday podcast focuses on creating podcast content leveraging on industry trends.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For session notes, click more: (more…)

Hold the Alexa, here comes URLFan

Yes, we know Alexa isn’t accurate, in fact it has a number of blindspots, but it’s a easily accessed public web metric. But for checking out the Web2.0-ness of your site, you might like to check out URLFan.com.


What is URLFan?

If you’re a “Web2.0-ish” person, you’d want to check out this metric type site which ranks sites according to their RSS feeds.

The site description says URLFan is “currently parsing hundreds of gigabytes of RSS content a day”

As of my last visit, URLFan’s stats stand at “Reading 746,006 feeds, parsing 41,334,923 posts, ranking 1,844,043 domains”

Bear in mind that the criterion for ranking is popularity of web feeds. As you know, RSS (really simple syndication) is becoming more widely adopted as the distribution technology of choice for content syndication, whether it’s into your Google Reader (or it’s equivalent at your My Yahoo! page) or the Mozilla Thunderbird email/RSS client.

Out of curiosity, I pulled the top ranked sites according to URLFan:

urlfan top sites

With content sites, not surprisingly, dominating the top positions.

Interestingly, YouTube and Flickr, rank highly despite the fact that the bulk of their content is video and graphic-based. I suspect it has to do with the content’s title and tags.

The lesson here is if you’re not already tagging your content, you should start today!

I thought it’d be interesting to see how bloggers ranked, so I (more…)

Search Engine Optimization and Google PageRank Update

This is an “after the fact update”.

A contact mentioned that Google had updated Toolbar PageRank ratings last week.

I hadn’t noticed changes on my blog, but some of my content sites have done from PR3 to PR4. Fairly decent consider that they’re a little over 6 months old.

As mentioned in previous PageRank-related posts, take note that Toolbar PageRank is different from your Live PageRank which is registered at the datacenters and determine how frequently your site is indexed by the search engine spiders.

You can find out your Toolbar PageRank by installing the Google Toolbar.

But more effective than the Toolbar PR, which some would say is ‘old PR’ is the live PR, which can be accessed through the Live PR datacenter check.

Backlinks (one way links to your blog or website) determine PageRank.

If you haven’t already, the following are (more…)