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Value Creation and the Affiliate Marketing Big Buck Equation

Here’s a tip to up your Internet Marketing income, reduce refunds, and increase general goodwill toward info product marketing…

Going by the consensus for recent Internet Marketing guru launches, there has been a sense that many recent products have been underwhelming in their delivery.

And because buyers have the option of a 30 or 60 day refund period, you might have the funds in your account momentarily. You can expect a speedy refund if the product fails to deliver.

How would you ‘wow’ the customer, increase your community’s loyalty and ‘stickiness’?

Provide value.

Overdeliver on their expectations, be honest and true in your product review.

Rather than adopt the latest approach of:

  • Leveraging on the popularity of another product
  • Creating a pseudo “scam revealed!” product review (only to embed your product link later…)
  • Saying a lot of good things about a product you might not even have bought…

Instead, place (more…)

PepperJam’s Kris Jones Dishes Out Super Affiliate Marketing Tips

I had a blast at Affiliate Summit West this past January (though it seems like a year ago…) and besides meeting up with luminaries like Shoemoney, Scott Jangro, Shawn Collins, the enigmatic e-book “crusade” Jon F of WickedFire, PlanetAndrea, a major highlight was meeting PepperJam head honcho Kris Jones in the flesh.

kris jones and andrew wee

PepperJam head honcho Kris Jones and Andrew Wee at Affiliate Summit West, Jan 2007

If you’ve been reading the PepperJamBlog for any length of time, you’d discover a treasure trove of information and can bump up your Internet Marketing efforts.

In his latest post “Affiliate Marketing – Thinking Outside the Box“, Kris dishes out the dirt on how he recently executed a campaign grossing $30,000 in sales, netting $15,000 in profit. And while some Super Affiliates may net six or seven figures in income per month, consider that Kris spent 15 minutes setting up this campaign.

So Kris has made a killing off UGG Boots.

How would he further enhance his efforts? (more…)

Product Owners Hijacking Affiliate Commissions?

Take heed affiliate marketers! I’ve noticed that a few high profile product owners have implemented some practices which could potentially be detrimental to your affiliate marketing efforts.

I’d typically recommend looking for high converting affiliate programs for newer Internet Marketers.

After all, while you’re getting your feet wet, you might like to focus on traffic generation and your marketing efforts (the conversion has a lot to deal with the product owners sales/landing page) and rather than get into the thick of product development immediately, you can sell someone’s product first (ie. affiliate marketing).

So if a product owner has switched their sales pages to an opt-in page, it could have major implications for your marketing efforts.

An opt-in page is designed to help build the product owner’s list.

Ostensibly an opt-in page consists of:

  • A catchy headline
  • 5-7 bullets
  • A form for you to fill in your name and email address

Seems simple.

Here’s an example of an opt-in page, Rick Raddatz’s Wednesday Minute (it’s got a funny video on it).

rick raddatz wednesday minute

A sales page looks like what you’d see at the Secret Blog Weapon sales page. It’s much longer and pushes for the sale (which is what will continue to keep you in Internet Marketing) (more…)

Enhancing Affiliate Marketing Revenue Through Geotargeting

As most of the merchants and affiliate networks are based in the United States, most CPA (cost per action) and affiliate marketing offers targeted US-based consumers, although there are more international offers available.

Savvy affiliate marketers will use geotracking scripts to ensure that relevant offers are served up to their audience.


With that being said, toggling geographical preferences in (more…)

2 Radically Different, yet Profitable Approaches to Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you’d probably know that I’m a believer in business systems. And affiliate marketing lends itself to a systems-based approach easily.

Most affiliate marketers will follow one of two systems, or in some cases a hybrid of both systems.

[For the course of this post, I'll loosely use 'affiliate marketing' (which involves a transaction) to also include CPA (cost per action) or lead generation-based marketing (which may or may not result in a transaction)]
A systems-based approach provides an easy way to:

  • Design and plan an affiliate marketing campaign
  • Objectively test, implement and measure your results
  • Tweak your system to achieve an optimal result on your time and resources

Having said that, most affiliate marketers will adopt (more…)