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Mike Filsaime’s Affiliate Jump and the Facts About CPA Marketing

Mike Filsaime and partner Joe Holland have recently launched a new “CPA affiliate network” to mixed reviews. But has it lived up to it’s hype? Let’s take a look.

After reading Ian Fernando’s scathing review last week, I wanted to take a close look at Affiliate Jump for myself.

Filsaime is an experienced internet marketer and has created products like Butterfly Marketing, Viral Friend Generator, 7Figure Income and Affiliate Conspirary. Given that Mike already owns affiliate network PayDotCom (where he’s still president and CEO), why has he launched another “affiliate network” Affiliate Jump?

Besides the obvious make money angle (for Filasaime), the jury is still out on the value the new “network” provides. Here’s my take.

“CPA Affiliate network” – I think the term is used loosely here. For one, there’s a $200 entry fee. Affiliate Jump ranks as one of the few (and possibly only) affiliate networks that requires affiliates to PAY to join.

The real world equivalent might be if you wanted to sell your house, you engage a realtor to market your property. You then CHARGE the realtor for the right to (more…)

Blackhole SEO: Has Google’s Hegemony Spilled into Twitter?

Hegemony (from Wikipedia): is a concept that has been used to describe and explain the dominance of one social group over another, such that the ruling group or hegemon acquires some degree of consent from the subordinate, as opposed to dominance purely by force.

Have the forces of blackhole SEO spread beyond the reaches of Wikipedia and eBay to dig it’s claws into Twitter, as Sugarrae has asserted?

Though Rae mentioned the issue last September, SEO specialist Todd Malicoat AKA Stuntdubl tweeted about it yesterday, together with some choice thoughts:

i mean – do you really believe that twitter links are passing NO credibility, NO juice, NO nothing…?? just like wikipedia ….riiiiiiight.

maybe implement a sandbox for new users
certain threshhold until they are trusted enough to get into a non-robots.txt directory

why not utilize robots.txt solution…instead of nofollow?
i guess nofollow in general just gets me riled up and pissed off

What would happen if twitter got rid of the nofollow on all links? How would it affect the web?


So why’re we revisiting this issue?

Blackhole SEO is where an (more…)

Friday Podcast: PPV Strategies With Ian Fernando

Ian FernandoI’ve known Ian Fernando for some time, talking to him over instant messenger and over the forums, so it was great to kick off the new year with inviting Ian on the Friday Podcast to talk about some of the innovative strategies he’s using for his affiliate marketing campaigns.

During the session, we talked about:

  • How he got started in internet marketing, especially working 3 jobs at the time
  • Some of the discoveries and lessons learned as he got started in affiliate marketing
  • Ian is one of the few marketers who blogs publicly about media buying and Pay-Per-View strategies
  • Which PPV networks you should take a look at
  • Tips to optimize your PPV campaigns
  • How to select appropriate affiliate offers for PPV campaigns
  • His newest project Affpinions
  • A preview of his upcoming session next week at the Affiliate Summit on “Keyword Blasting”

Check out the podcast below: