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Friday Podcast: Email Marketing Tips With The Aweber Autoresponder

For most marketers out there, autoresponder services like Aweber are a blackbox…most people will have a vague notion that email autoresponders are accessed via your web browser, you get some HTML code and place an opt-in form on your website or blog, people submit their name and email address, it appears in the autoresponder database, and you send them email, and sales comes flooding in…simple right?

Oh and they help negotiate with ISPs to ensure your email is delivered, and rotate IPs on their email servers, so it doesn’t get tagged as a “bad” IP.

Actually there’s much more than that, and Aweber’s education marketing manager Justin Premick gave an insiders view of the inner workings of Aweber.

More importantly, we discussed:

  • The relationship marketing principles involved in maintaining a successful email marketing list
  • Companies which are already successfully using email in their marketing efforts
  • Resources to help you bring your email campaigns to the next level
  • Tips for affiliate marketers incorporating email into their existing PPC and SEO campaigns
  • And we also unearthed a tip which could help you massively increase your results from promoting CPA affiliate offers…

It all happens here at the Friday Podcast.

Check out the audio interview below:


Aweber autoresponder service

Brian Clark CopyBlogger blog

Spam Resource

Google Sender Reputation white paper

Friday Podcast: Facebook Application Monetization – A View From The Inside…

facebook developers garageThis past Wednesday I joined a number of Facebook Application developers and sponsors on a “Marketing and Monetization of Facebook Applications: Hype or Goldmine?” at the second Singapore Facebook Developers Garage organized by the Entrepreneur 27 Singapore and Singapore PHP users group.

The panelists included:

  • Bernard Leong (Thymos Capital partner, and session moderator)
  • Leonard Lin (TYLER Projects managing partner – developer of Facebook application BattleStations!)
  • Kien Lee (Senatus founder – an investment holding company which owns more than 100 Facebook applications)
  • and myself (through my work on the $uperRewards monetization system for Facebook applications)

facebook application monetization panel

Facebook Application Monetization Panel: Leonard Lin, myself, Bernard Leong, Kien Lee

I had my MP3 recorder capture most of our panel discussion and you can access the recording below.

For more coverage, check out:

Friday Podcast: Social Networks Part 2 – Facebook Marketing – Tips And Strategies

In this next installment of the Friday Podcast, Jason Bailey AKA Chickenhole discusses marketing strategies on the Facebook social network.

Among our discussion topics:

  • How to get your marketing efforts started on Facebook
  • How to effectively use Facebook Social Ads
  • Facebook Social Ads marketing and pricing strategies
  • Using Facebook’s ‘Walled Garden’ architecture to your advantage
  • The future of Facebook and search engines

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, to find out more, listen to the podcast below.

***The best part has to be to monster 45-minute final segment of the interview which I’ll be releasing on Monday.

Stay tuned.

Friday Podcast: Social Networks Part 1 – An Insider Look With Jason Bailey AKA “Chickenhole”

jason bailey chickenholeIn this edition I had a chance to chat with Jason Bailey (right), who’s recently launched his Facebook Application $uperRewards, and he’s also one of the management team at CPA network Millnic Media.

Jason’s previously been very actively marketing on the MySpace social network and has recently focused his attention to the Facebook social network.

Hear his thoughts on how Facebook squares off against MySpace, which are the other social networks you should take note of (and generate income from).

This is part one of a 90 minute interview I conducted with Jason recently.

If you’re already in the social marketing game, this is a session you need to listen to…

[Note: Part 2 will be released tomorrow]

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Friday Podcast: To Be Smart Or Rich?: The Internet Marketing Truth

Would you rather be a smart Internet Marketer? Or a rich one?

You might say you’ve chosen one path, but your behavior might be leading you down the other.

Check out this week’s Friday Podcast for details.

Rich Guy Or Smart Guy: The Internet Marketing Truth

And the audio download:

Notes follow after the “more” tab: