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Friday Podcast: Affiliate Marketing Tips with Jeremy Palmer

jeremy palmerI had a chance to chat with Super Affiliate and Commission Junction Top Performer Jeremy Palmer.

Jeremy talked about his affiliate marketing strategies and gave tips for new affiliates entering the industry.

Hear from this veteran about on topics like:

  • Tips to get started in affiliate marketing
  • Should you promote offers from affiliate networks, CPA networks or direct merchant offers
  • Take a look at some of Jeremy’s successful affiliate sites (FreeBudgetingSoftware, TrySuperPass and AudioBookHub)
  • Why you should get a few seasonal campaigns up
  • Sources to do your affiliate research
  • And Jeremy’s soon-to-be-released BlackInkProject

You should also check out Jeremy’s Quit Your Day Job blog.

Check out the podcast below:

>>> The Black Ink Project

My 2007 Social Marketing Trail Of Success

Two elements are critical to the success of any social marketing campaign.

The first element is one that just about everyone is good at – The size of your network.

I say everyone is good at this element because all it takes to massively increase the number of friends in your MyBlogLog, BumpZee, YouTube, Facebook or other community is hitting the ‘add friend’ button and doing it over, and over, and over, and over again.

But here’s where it gets interesting, the fine line between social marketing and spamming is drawn when the relationship and more importantly permission and consensus are factored in.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve datamined someone’s email, cell phone from the net, your attempt to game the social network for personal gain falls flat on its face if you don’t have the relationship to back it up.

You might be wondering if this is merely ‘theoretical’ or ‘hypothetical’ or how well it works in real life…

Look at what happened to me last year…

I’ve been active on the WickedFire affiliate marketing forum for some time, giving advice on my pet area of blogging. So having been invited to be a ‘Blogging Guide’, I spend more time on the forum and create an instructional thread on “Blogging For Bucks

And one day I read a thread on the forum about this new Super Affiliate’s blog, Super Affiliate Mindset.

And after talking with PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta for some time, we decide to jointly work on a product, which eventually becomes the Super Affiliate Accelerator. (the site is being upgraded at the moment).

The project is intended to create a series of custom training to provide business strategies and PPC tactics to new and experienced affiliate marketers.

Part of the program involves inviting other established Internet Marketers in on some of the mastermind sessions we’re organizing.

So I ask my friend Wil Reynolds, founder of top SEO agency Seer Interactive, to join in on one of our upcoming calls.

And as part of my research, I watch some of Wil’s videos from Shawn Collins and Missy Ward’s Affiliate Summit Seminar.

If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization, undoubtedly, Wil’s suggestions to check out 3 key blogs to keep you up to date on SEO developments will be intriguing.

What are the 3 blogs?

Listening to Wil’s recommendations, I opened my copy of SEOBook I’d purchased early last year.

I’d glanced through it a number of times and picked up great SEO tips and subsequently listed it on my recommendations page.

Now, with the weight of Wil’s endorsement, I re-read it (all 350 pages in a 2 hour sitting).

If you have not read it yet, you will not know that it goes beyond SEO, to encompass Aaron’s copywriting strategies and even PPC management. More importantly, Aaron includes elements of his Internet Marketing journey from spamming links to creating quality white hat links.

If you haven’t yet, why not spend the opening days of this year, checking out Aaron Wall’s SEOBook.

Leaving Las Vegas…And PPC Classroom Live!

It’s been more than a week since I left Las Vegas after attending Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom Live.

So the question is “Was it worth a 20+ hour plane ride each way?”

Certainly a resounding YES!

I got to meet a bunch of great people and the stellar cast of speakers presented great content. Now it’s a matter of hunkering down and putting some of those ideas into practise.

The turnout was very respectable with the room filled to the gills…

ppc classroom live

It was great to hear how Anik took one of his info product sites, added CPA offers to it and have it generated $42,000+ to date this year.

anik singal and andrew wee

Andrew Wee and Anik Singal

Just as you’re seeing a convergence of search marketing and PPC marketing, I believe the worlds of info marketing and lead generation/affiliate marketing are going to draw closer in the coming year.

andrew wee kirt christensen greg cesar

Andrew Wee, Kirt Christensen, Greg Cesar

I look to Kirt Christensen as one of the pioneers in Internet Marketing, together with his partner, Terry Dean.

It was certainly illuminating to hear about his strategies for positioning yourself as a PPC management agency and it was pretty impressive hearing about some of the biggest Internet marketers he manages PPC campaigns for.

Greg Cesar is someone who’s in my mastermind and this was (more…)

Monday Question: Stabilizing Your Affiliate Income

In the course of your Internet marketing journey, you might hit the occasional speed bump and find a plateau. You might identify with Josh who writes:

“Hi Andrew,

I’m an affiliate marketer and have been having success with my affiliate marketing efforts, I use PPC and free traffic means (primarily articles) to generate leads.

Lately, my sales have been stagnating…

How can I ensure more stability in my affiliate income?



My answer:

Having worked with a number of Internet marketing veterans, I’ve noticed a couple of best business practises that I’ve seen these successful and experienced marketers use.

  • The Micromanaging trap

There’s the Internet marketers “day trader” mentality that you’d want to avoid.

It’s something I used to do when I first started out – typically seen in behavior like staying logged in to your affiliate account all day and hitting the refresh button every hour to see if more sales have come in.

If you’ve looked at how (more…)

Meet Me In Las Vegas For Some Affiliate Magic

The tickets are booked, the bags aren’t packed, but one things for sure, I’m headed to Las Vegas at the end of this month for Anik Singal and Jeremy Palmer’s PPC Classroom Live!

las vegas

Yes it’s going to be a 24+ hour flight, and it’s during the peak season where it was absolute murder to get my ticket.

But well worth it…

PPC Classroom Live is the live workshop component to Anik and Jeremy’s PPC Classroom product.

Here’s a taste of the Super Affiliate lineup:

ppc classroom live

(Left-to-right) Mark Widawer, Ros Gardner, Greg Cesar, Anik Singal, Amit Mehta, Jeremy Palmer, Kirt Christensen, David Bullock

Certainly worth flying all the way there for a couple of days (the event is on December 1-2 in Vegas).

For some affiliates who’re new to the industry and trying their luck, affiliate marketing can be a gamble…vegas

Especially if you don’t have (more…)

Product Review of Brad Callen’s Affiliate Elite

Internet Marketer Brad Callen, known for his products SEO Elite and Keyword Elite has just released a new software aimed at helping affiliate marketers bring their campaigns to the next level.

Containing various affiliate product analytics tools, spy and intelligence tools as well as PPC tools, Affiliate Elite looks poised to put another weapon into every affiliates’ marketing arsenal.

Rather than merely write about Affiliate Elite, I’ve created walkthrough videos and review videos capturing Affiliate Elite’s key features.

Here’s an introduction of Affiliate Elite, which consists of 4 modules:

  • Affiliate Product Finder (for Clickbank and Paydotcom) / Marketplace datafeed analytics tool
  • Google reverse search
  • Analyze Adwords Competition
  • Super Affiliate Finders

Here’s a walkthrough of Affiliate Elite’s features:

Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite Product Review Part 1

And detailed looks at: Affiliate Product Finder

Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite Product Review Part 2

Google Reverse Search

Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite Product Review Part 3

AdWords Competition Analyzer

Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite Product Review Part 4

Super Affiliate Finder

Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite Product Review Part 5

Overall, this could be a good addition to your affiliate toolkit and compliements similar tools such as WordTracker, SpyFu, KeyCompete and others.

PPC Super Affiliate Amit Mehta and I have put together a special Affiliate Elite bonus which will bring your affiliate campaigns to the next level if you get Affiliate Elite through us.

You can check it out at:

–> Super Affiliate Mastermind promotion for Brad Callen’s Affiliate Elite