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The Blood and Guts of Social Traffic and Generating A Torrent of Traffic

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to share the stage with Internet Marketing Guru Jo Han Mok and we shared some of our insider strategies.

The crowd has been expecting some blogging tips, but sadly I had to disappoint.

Instead, I’m getting a number of positive vibes about the traffic strategies I’ve developed over the past couple of months.

It has been a funny experience, just seeing the traffic surge every month by between 50% and 100%.


January was an especially good month with more than 7,500 unique visitors heading over.

This month looks like it’ll bust that fairly easily.

I think one major difference between what I’ve been doing with my Social Traffic Generation and the Spike/Surge strategies used by other Internet Marketers, is that the traffic I generate is very (more…)

The Art of the Blog Comment and Their Devastating Effects

This may seem to be a trivial post.

At the same time when you consider that the humble blog comment (a comment you leave on someone else’s blog) accounts for about 10% of the traffic I bring to this blog, it might still not seem so statistically meaningless.

Here’s a further clue to it’s importance, I had about 4300 unique visitors from Dec 1 – Dec 22. That means about 430 unique visitors arrived at this blog because of comments I made on other blogs.

Imagine having a party and having 430 people come over because you drafted a note and dropped it in their mailbox. And it was such a simple act that anyone can use it.

What’s great about blog comments? (more…)

Do You Squidoo? Get Traffic and Revenue and Do Social Good too!

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, chances are you’ve heard of Squidoo in passing or even been to their site.

Although it’s easy to pass off Squidoo as just another platform for traffic generation and revenue generation. (which I did for the longest time).

Upon closer look, the brainchild of marketer Seth Godin aims to achieve social good by focus the community’s efforts towards raising funds for charity.


According to the Wikipedia entry on Squidoo:

Squidoo splits its revenue with its “co-op” of lensmasters. 5% goes straight to charity, first. Then 50% goes to the lensmasters. 45% goes to Squidoo. The site is estimating that nearly half of all the lensmasters on the site are donating their royalties to any of 45 featured charities, ranging from NPR and The American Heart Association to smaller organizations like Chimp Haven and Planet Gumbo.

Battle and Beat Up Other Blogs and Build Traffic

I confess to having a latent violent streak in me.

That’s why you sometimes see me including phrases like ‘Kill the Competition’, ‘Slaughter the other Affiliates’ and ‘See their marketing campaigns crash and burn’.

I understand that Type A personalities have this particular drive to dominate and crush all competitors.

To quote Star Trek’s Borg Collective: “Resistance is Futile”.

I guess that’s why Blog Directory/Community Blog Explosion has their Battle of the Blogs section.

Battle of the Blogs

The rules are simple:

  • Members can set up a new challenge then waits until another BlogExplosion member accepts their challenge. Members can wager anywhere from 25-200 credits on a challenge
  • Once a challenge has been accepted 15 other members vote for both blogs. The person with the most votes wins the challenge and gets 70% of the total credits wagered. The 15 members who have voted on who is the best blog splits the remaining 30% of the total credits wagered. Spend some time on each blog and vote for the best blog!

So the process of going through the Battle ensures you have at least 15 uniques landing on your page for each challenge you participate in.

That potentially means you have 15 new opt-ins or prospects, depending on how you structure the blog. (more…)

Internet Money Secrets revealed!

I’m looking forward to October, because the face of Internet Marketing in Singapore and possibly Asia will never be the same again.

That’s because the NTUC Auditorium at Marina Boulevard in the heart of the city will play host to the Inaugural Internet Money Secrets convention.
Internet Money Secrets

The event is intended to focus in on generating Internet Marketing income through two revenue streams:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing (my favourite!)

Beyond just the knowledge, I’m looking forward to the great networking opportunities.

Just imagine, 350 Internet Marketers all gathered in one place, exchanging ideas over two days, with the possibility of teaming up and forming joint ventures. (more…)