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MyBlogLog Responds: Message Posting Rules Being Tweaked

I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email from Robyn “Sleepy Blogger” Tippins, MyBlogLog’s new community manager (Robyn’s offical MBL post), less than 24 hours after posting “MyBlogLog Social Traffic Credibility and Attempts To Cripple Spammers“.

Here’s Robyn’s response to my feeling that posting 20 messages a day could be limiting:

Andrew, hopefully this won’t hamper users that are actually engaging in conversation, because everytime you receive a message back, you up your daily limit by one. So if I message you I have 19 messages available, but if you message me back, then my message limit goes back up to 20.

It’s only one method we’re trying, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

The concept of reciprocity is an intriguing one and goes one step further than just blanket quotas.

I think as time goes by, the messaging model will get refined further.

And it is forward thinking on my part that 20 messages would be insufficient for a community size of 1,000.

It would seem fair to incorporate gradual increments to the number of available messages to MyBlogLog members in good repute. That way, it’ll prevent MyBlogLog members from going out of the network to use email to communicate.

Here’s why MyBlogLog should increase message quotas: (more…)

How Your Social Network Avatar Can Make Or Break Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Linkbaiting on social networks like MyBlogLog, MySpace and BumpZEE is common, especially when Internet Marketers use pictures of bikini-clad women as their avatar.

While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the practice, I feel that it sets up expectations that the blogger or website owner will have to deliver on once the visitor lands on your page.

If you can keep your readers happy, you’ve laid the foundation for a successful and low cost (possibly free) traffic generation model.

The sad reality is that more than 90% of the sites using such techniques have average (and usually sub-standard) poor content.

At best, this is gimmicky in my opinion and best used for one-off, throwaway adsense-oriented traffic.

But if you’re a serious Internet Marketer in this for the long haul, you’d do much better to build your brand, which means either using your photograph, or an image which represents your online presence.avatar montage

Iconic Avatars: Michael “GrayWolf” Gray, Jim Kukral, Rasheed Ali, Robyn Tippins, Todd “StuntDubl” Malicoat, Shawn Collins, Chris “Drinkbait” Hooley, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker.

Credibility and reputation are essential to your long term success, and being consistent in your online branding build rapport with your visitors. Consistent branding will bring you (more…)

Affiliate Summit West 2006 Wrap Up

I just touched down in Singapore earlier today and although the 14 hour time difference is causing major havoc to my body clock, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on Affiliate Summit West and the takeaways from having flown 20+ hours around the world to attend.

Thanks to Shawn Collins and Missy Ward who conceptualized Affiliate Summit and have been grown it from strength-to-strength at about 200 participants in the first AS in 2003 till more than 2,000 at the recently concluded ASW.

It was a great opportunity to meet up face-to-face with a number of the online marketers I’d been reading and talking with over the past few months like ShoeMoney, Scott Jangro, Kris Jones, PlanetAndrea, Jon Fisher from WickedFire and Joe Whyte.

Becky “Webmoxy” Ryan was a friendly and intelligent person to talk to (even though I was deep in thought and seemed to have unintentionally ignored her when she called out a few times).


Maura, Robyn, Andrew Wee at the Pepperjam booth


Shoemoney’s assistant Nicole


Webmoxy Becky Ryan

More surprising still was the fact that (more…)

16 Hours Left: Viva Las Vegas and the Affiliate Summit!

It’s about 16 hours before I head off on my long flight to Affiliate Summit West.

I’ve been talking to the WickedFire folks and we’re psyched about meeting up.

I’ve planned out my itinery and will likely be spending more time networking and attending sessions, compared to drinking and clubbing.

viva las vegas

There are a number of networking parties including one hosted by oneNetworkDirect and Wynn Las Vegas at Wynns’ TRYST nightclub which features a private lagoon. If there’s one phobia I have, it’s dancing in public.

We’ll see how this pans out.

Besides visiting the exhibit halls, I’m planning to (more…)

Are You Going to Be At Affiliate Summit West?

It’s 10 more days till Affiliate Summit West (ASW) and I’m stoked at the opportunity. (Incidentally, the event is sold out)
It’ll be my first trip to the US in about 4 years and I’m planning to hit Fry’s, Best Buy, get my fill of prime rib and margaritas in Vegas.

Here’s my to do list for ASW:

  • Attend the great sessions planned
  • Meet and greet the affiliate managers present, as not many have a point of presence in Asia.
  • Finally put a face to many of the personalities whose blogs I’ve been reading, or emailing, or catching their web radio programs, or whose forums I’ve been participating on.
  • Get a Shoemoney t-shirt (one of the new black one maybe?)
  • Get some nice WickedFire merchandise at their booth
  • Catch some great parties

This is one of the few times I’d be heading halfway around the world (I’ll be battening down the hatches in Asia to work on a couple of major projects once I get back).

So far, I look forward to the opportunity to meet and greet with Shoemoney, Jon F, Anik Singal, PlanetAndrea, Chris Hooley, Scott Jangro, Robyn Tippins, Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, the LunarPages blogging team (including Joe Whyte) and it looks like Pepperjam will have a good presence there too.

I might be approaching some of you to do interviews, so you are forwarned, and perhaps forearmed.

If you’re planning to interview any of the folks at ASW, here’s a couple of pointers (more…)

Would You Sell Your Soul for Paid Blog Posts?

In reply to my Speedlinking post, “Sleepy Blogger” Robyn Tippins left an interesting comment “I still don’t know exactly how I feel, long term, about PPP, but I’m interested in the roads they’re traveling.”

Robyn certainly echoes the sentiments of bloggers who’re focused on building a brand.

In case you’re not familiar with paid posting, it works like this:

A company contracts a paid posting service provider to get bloggers to blog about their company, product or service. Usually, the stipulation is that the post must contain a backlink to the company. Bloggers may be required to post pre-written (usually positive-slanted) content and there may be safeguards to ensure they don’t post any negativity about the subject.

Payment for a single post varies, typically ranging from $10-20, and going up to $100 or even more (though that might involve making a video clip, posting it to YouTube and featuring it on your blog).

I’d signed up with some of the paid posting networks and wasn’t (more…)