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Friday Podcast: Affiliate Marketing Strategies With Amit Mehta And Anik Singal

amit mehtaI had the opportunity to invite Amit Mehta and Anik Singal on the Friday Podcast to discuss challenges facing affiliate marketers these days, together with the impending launch of the PPC Classroom 2.0 program.

Amit’s is gaining a reputation as the $2.4m super affiliate and a regular speaker at events like Affiliate Summit and PPC Classroom.

Anik is founder of Affiliate Classroom and AC Certified, and recently ranked #2 in Business Week’s “Top 25 under 25″ article.

anik singalDuring our podcast, we discussed:

  • How Amit’s affiliate campaigns differ from other marketers
  • How to build your income to 4 figures a day
  • Steps you can take today to put together successful campaigns
  • The importance and how you can incorporate long-tail keywords in your affiliate campaigns
  • Whether there’s a conflict of interest between a merchant’s in-house SEO/SEM efforts and the efforts of affiliates
  • Amit’s “Hybrid Model” that he’s currently testing and will be teaching in PPC Classroom 2.0
  • Details of PPC Classroom 2.0.

Tune in to the Friday Podcast:


Friday Podcast: Facebook Application Development With Leonard Lin

leonard linLeonard Lin is one of 3 co-founders of Tyler Projects, a Singapore-based software developer which focuses on social networking applications.

Their Battlestations application on the Facebook platform (and recently Friendster social network) is one of the most engaging and popular applications, incorporating flash animation and immersive gameplay. Besides featuring multiplayer features including player-versus-player gameplay, it also includes clan warfare and boasts an active Facebook forum.


I invited Leonard on the Friday Podcast and we discussed:

  • How to develop a winning concept for your Facebook application
  • Development strategies, especially going down the FBML (Facebook markup language) route versus developing in an iFrame environment
  • Monetization options for Facebook developers
  • Developing an active in-game economy, offering premium in-game items and growth strategies

Check out the Friday Podcast below:

You can also check out: Battlestations

Friday Podcast: PPC Affiliate Strategies With John Hasson

John HassonI first met PPC affiliate John Hasson at ShareASale’s “Party Under The Stars” party at Affiliate Summit West earlier this year. We were eating a heartattack-inducing tiramisu/ice-cream concoction and talking about our businesses.

John spoke at the “Meet The Experts” session chairing a table on PPC affiliate marketing. At the recent Affiliate Summit East in Boston, John presented a session on PPC marketing.

During the course of our discussion, I was pretty amazed at how John’s brought his programming skills to automate and employ leverage in PPC campaigns.

We also talked about:

  • How John got started as a programmer early on and his first experience at generating $600 a day through PPC arbitrage
  • How he made his transition into affiliate marketing
  • Tips to succeed in PPC affiliate marketing

You can access the Friday Podcast below:

Note: John was travelling as part of a project he’s working on and the line dropped a  number of times and the connection wasn’t the best. Listen in for some great tips though.

You can visit John’s blog at JohnHasson.com

Building A 7-Figure-A-Year Business With Amit Mehta

amit mehtaAmit Mehta who speaks regularly at events like the Affiliate Summit is a true internet success story.

Starting out $20,000 in consumer debt a couple of years ago, he stumbled upon affiliate marketing and later PPC and owns a 7-figure-a-year business today.

On the Friday Podcast, Amit shared:

  • How he got started in Internet Marketing
  • How he overcame the challenges that all new marketers face
  • His success strategies for building his business
  • The “inner game” mind elements and strategies he uses.
  • His upcoming projects

Amit delivered a ton of content on this call.

Check out his blog: Super Affiliate Mindset

Just released: PPC Classroom 2.0 (product review)

Friday Podcast: Starting and Growng Your Internet Business With Andrea Yager

Andrea YagerJerusalem-based Andrea Yager is a 8-year internet marketing veteran – who’s tried out many internet marketing strategies during her time starting up and operating various online and offline businesses.

A little different from the typical question-and-answer format, this edition of the Friday Podcast had us discussing and at times debating issues like:

  • Whether you employ a “day trader” or “long term stock investor” approach in your online business
  • Whether a product or it’s marketing campaign is more important
  • Market share vs Mind share – which is more important
  • Internal credibility vs external credibility for branding and reputation

Andrea also relates how she first got started online, and about her “20 Ways To Make Money Online” project.

You can check out the content-filled 65 minute podcast at:

The “20 Ways” series isn’t sorted into a single category, and the best way to access it is to visit her blog at:

-> Get Started Today Online

Friday Podcast – Affiliate Income Strategies With Jeremy Palmer

jeremy palmerIn the affiliate marketing industry, top affiliate Jeremy Palmer ranks as one of the nicest and most competent people.

Earlier this year, I had a great Friday Podcast session with Jeremy and invited him back for another chat.

He’s recently launched 2 new projects (one of which isn’t officially launched yet).

During our conversation, we talked about:

  • Generating long-term income from your affiliate sites
  • Creating “thick” (as opposed to thin) affiliate sites
  • How to invest in your niche to maximize your success and profit
  • How to create sticky and compelling sites
  • And too much great stuff to list here…

Here’s the podcast link:

Here are the resources Jeremy mentions: